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To knob or not to knob, that is the question.

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by oz_johnno, May 21, 2009.

  1. First up Guys, this post is about crash knobs.

    I organised a service for my ZX-14 while I was over here in Adelaide (thanks to emsie and edgelett for hooking me up with the local crowd who told me where I should take it.)

    While it was getting its 12k service I thought I should get some crash knobs for the bike to try help protect the fairing. I was talking to the mechanic about it and his point of view was that crash knobs are only really any good for track work and very low speed drops.

    When I asked him why he told me that he gets a lot of insurance jobs through his shop and has noticed that a lot of bikes that are dropped at a reasonable speeds have had damage caused by the crash knobs. The damage is usually in the form of bent or broken engine mounts ( no drill type mounting) or frame damage. In either case the insurance assessor will take one look at it and write the bike off !!

    The damage is caused by the high tensile bolt that holds the knob on, becoming a lever when the crash knob catches on a gutter, man hole cover or the like.

    he reckoned that this is less likely to happen when you drop it on the track.

    I just thought I should ask the forum what their experience of crash knobs has been, whether they have dropped the bike, the circumstances and how much (if any) damage was done by the bits that are there to protect the fairing.


    P.S. Loving the Adelaide hills. Chain of ponds is a hoot, and all roads lead to lobethel !!

  2. With my wife wanting to have a go on my bike, i'm hoping low speed drops is all i'm facing.

    I think the jury is still out on how good they are, it was one of the first things i had put on my new one a few weeks back.
  3. There used to be a guy on the forums here who had a 2004 Triumph Sprint with crash knobs of some brand on it. He had a low speed off (30ish k's) and the knob broke either the frame or the engine case where it bolts to the frame. End result was a 12 to 18 month old bike being written off at snails pace. I won't touch 'em.
  4. I had crash knobs on the zed when I went mountain climbing the knob got bent down but did no damage to the frame and worked to protect my radiator from damage (R&G crash knobs) - The insurance company has replaced them with oggy knobs :( I have no where to rest my feet now as the oggies are much shorter than the R&G ones.

    I have heard a lot of stories similar to Spectre's though.
  5. Oops!! completely misinterpreted question... was expecting pics too :( :LOL:
  6. what about a stunt cage? i saw one on a new zx6r and it looked badass. i suppose it would spread the energy better too as it bolts to 3 points and has a large bolt that goes right thru the bike to the other side of the cage. but it might look a little chunky. ive also seen crash knobs that are spring loaded and cushion the bike more.
  7. I figure in a pretty bad accident I would prefer the bike to be written off... haha, start afresh *with agreed value insurance of course

    I personally believe that if you have an off with knobs it's still likely you'll wreck the fairing somewhere still requiring a respray... so really... what's the point?

    It is a little extra protection but... I dunno... for non-track work I think the look of them is enough to put me off.
  8. any crash severe enough to have the knobs damage the frame is likely to cause a fair amount of damage to the bike without them also. (id imagine, never actually seen the results of this)

    i figure theyd be nice to have for trackdays, where your insurance wont necessarily cover you.

    otherwise, if you have good agreed value cover and the bike is crashed, knobs or not there will liely be some damage, and insurance should take care of it.
  9. good to see im not hte only one
  10. I was looking at oggy knobs for my GS500F

    But, I have full comp insurance, so if I drop it, I don't really care!!!

    Also the fact that the fairings required cutting to fit, so it really defeats the purpose!
  11. Have crash knobs on the 250, they saved the tank, frame, bars, twice. (The second time when some knut knocked it over. Exhaust side down, naturally, and my sister doesn't remember when it happened. :roll: )

    For the everyday knocks and spills, they're fine. I dunno about the 1250, as they're quite low, but if I can ride it home due to it protecting the engine sufficiently, where I otherwise wouldn't, then it's paid for itself
  12. ive heard they can cause the bike to flip in high speed crashes
  13. That's why the good ones are made of a particular good spun nylon so that they are actually 'slippery' as opposed to catching on anything... the idea is so they slide but are extremely hard wearing, and thus don't cause a flip but hopefully don't wear down enough to stop protecting the bike.
  14. It's purely a case of having a sacrificial material in place of a critical component - If the peg digs in and flips the bike, you'd imagine if the bars dug in. They're designed for the decent majority of offs - low speed, low side, off the stand. They won't help you when you come off the Spur doing 140.
  15. knobs are for when your bike falls over in the driveway, insurance is for when it falls over while its moving.
  16. might i continue with what i heard from the same person, that insurance might not pay you out with them unless you tell em its on there. duno how true

  17. i suppose they would claim its a modification they didnt know about, they might do the same if you had an exhaust you didnt tell them about either.
  18. Was seriously considering a set of oggy knobs for the R6, as its been moved twice ( and dropped off the removal truck twice, grrrrr ) and even though the company paid for all the damages, i was hoping that if i got them fitted, the cosmetic damage could be limited considerably. ( at least my farings wont get split )

    Any thoughts? :shock:
  19. I have braided brake lines, crash knobs, bar end sliders and radiator sliders that I never told my insurer about. When I came off I told them and all they said was that they would not cover the cost of replacing them (the mechanic put new knobs on anyway though).
  20. Crash knobs bend flimsy frames in big crashes. My other 9R has had a couple of huge offs and is still straight with the knobs (R&G racing) having done brilliantly to minimised just how much damage.

    If they're not mounted to a strong frame point, they aren't worth a knob of goat shit.