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To kick a cyclist, or not a kick a cyclist: that is the....

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Milos, Dec 2, 2005.

  1. I'm not having much luck with these guys the past week. It can't be karma cause I'm going halves in the guys bike which I kinda helped mangle last week, which I think is a fair call.

    Then a few days ago leaving my apartment complex I avoided colliding with another cyclist on the footpath because I now give it a few long beeps as I approach the footpath and move forward and inch at a time. This guy was in his 50-60's and lived in the same apartments. He missed me by about a meter as he turned into the driveway, smiled and said thanks. I said No Worries.

    Now coming into work today, I was riding down Latrobe st in the right hand lane. A cyclist who was riding next to the footpath veers right across my path to cross the road, I had to brake heavily, the bike looses traction and starts to slide, so I can't risk turning, release and reapply brakes while beeping and missed his back tire by about a meter while he's totally oblivious. I yell out f_cken moron! Still no response. And here I was thinking if I reach out with my foot and hook his back tire I'd be the bad guy...

    I suppose it's a good reminder to practice a bit my emergency breaking, countersteering and kicking :p
  2. Kicking's for wimps.

    Nothing says "Respec meh authoritah" like a well-yanked wedgie of the bike shorts.
  3. I can just imagine a similar thread that on angrycardrivers.net.au/forums

    "I was on me way to work, and this effen motorcyclist came through the gap, almost took me mirror off! Bloody hoon! Should I av kicked him?"

  4. :LOL: A bit harder to practice, but f*ck it'll be worth it! :LOL:
  5. I had a problem with a cyclist once, just about to make a right turn at an intersection when a cyclist passes me on the right and goes straight through. There was a second cyclist following but by this time I've turned across in front of his path and spotted him so I simply stop. Guy pulls the bike up to a stop but has shoes clipped to the pedals so is struggling to keep the bike stationary and upright. I was tempted to stay there till the idiot fell over or to give his front wheel a bit of a kick but decided against it.
  6. I take it the driver in question drives a jeep?
  7. Do you reckon they get envious at us because we have a whole lot more fun? for them it's just "a moving workout" ... but then again they don't have to worry about technical problems with their "bikes"... :(

  8. One of these days I'm going to be nice to a cyclist and tell him that you can get bikes these days that do the pedalling FOR you.
  9. Kick them...The bastards on beach rd especially!!!!!

    arragant shits :evil: :evil:
  10. with the tiny seats those guys sit on, I think they'd actually enjoy that. BTW I almost hit a stupid female cyclist who was going so slow that she lost balance and veered in front of the Subaru then proceeded to block the entire road so that I couldn't get in front of her. Cyclist are allowed 1 meter from the curb, fair enough, but when they are in the middle of the road, that pisses me off :evil: :evil:
  11. Better yet just match their speed then grab a hold of their seat and gun it - let them see what 100+kph on a bike feels like :LOL:
  12. LOL!!! You might have to clean your glove after that... and take a training course on how to change gears with one hand :D

  13. Hehe, I took a push bike rider clean out about 12 months ago. Was travelling along Plenty Rd and he did the 'no stop, fly out of side street and pull in to left lane as there is parked cars' which so many do as cars usually sit in the right lane due to parked cars....however I was in the left lane about to move into the right lane.
    He went into the side of me and hooked onto the bike or me, and I basically launched him into the back of the parked car as we broke free..
    I pulled over and checked the bike, then walked back about to let him know just what I thought of him, but it took him quiet some time to come too...
    Called the police and ambos, and gave my statement to the toggy that turned up, he kinda grinned at me and said "Bet he got a shock, going from 10 to 60 in about half a second." Of course, be being me, said "I think he got more of a shock going 60 to 0 in about half a foot."
    Got a call about 3 weeks later, he was charged and fined....justice, it is poetic.. :)
  14. Just read the "anyone hit a bird post" and this one....my incident last night is probably a combination of the two, cause a cyclist nearly flew through the windscreen of my car last night.

    Driving along Bell St about 11pm, in the left lane. (Two lanes up, two lanes down)
    the commondore infront of me slows RIGHT down to make a left hand turn.
    I was feeling lazy, so i couldn't be stuffed changing lanes. started to brake, and slow down. Well the guy in the commondore thought he was driving a Semi cause he really slowed down and took a wide turn.

    So i'm about to change lanes. Right when i begin to move into the right lane, a cyclist flew by my door missing me by about a meter.
    No helmet
    No reflective clothing
    No lights
    Riding his bike in the wrong direction.
    From what i could see he looked mid-teens.

    My lazyness saved his life. Normally i would have just changed lanes.
  15. Hey guys just a reminder that we're talking about a sample of the pushy riders out there. Some cyclists are idiots, lots aren't, just like any form of transport.
  16. and while your kicking cyclists off bikes, maybe we should be shoving tyre pumps through the front spokes of motorbikes :wink:
  17. You don't know a lot about bicycles, do you?

    You don't know a lot about bicycles, do you?
  18. This thread has given me a few laughs. :D

    I particularly like this one. I only know what 80 kays an hour feels like on a bicycle. It's pretty cool.

    But jd, do you know what 100 kph+ feels like on your little katana?

    Once you find a hill steep enough, post back and let us know. :wink:
  19. No of course not, doing any more than 110kph would be illegal :wink: :LOL: .
  20. not on the calder it isn't