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To jump or not to jump

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by vinnyb, May 4, 2011.

  1. G'day all
    My bike has been sitting idle for 2 weeks, went to start her today and nothing. I tried to push start it and still could not get it going, got it back up the hill and then the very steep driveway into the garage. Next was to jump start with car batt, car was not running and batt is 12 volt, followed correct procedure which was neg to frame car + then bike. Bike started no worries let it run with choke on at around 3000rpm for a minute shut choke and bike stopped, repeated 3 times for the same result. Bike is an 05 gsx750f and the battery is 2 years old according to service records. Question is will the bike just stop if the battery is knackered or have I screwed something.

  2. nah if the battery is shagged it'll die just like you described
  3. I've had this situation on, oddly enough, a (much older) Suzuki. If the battery is really flat, even after starting the bike won't stay running after the jump leads are disconnected. I had to leave everything hooked up with the car at a fast idle for half an hour or so before the bike would self sustain.
  4. Thanks guys, just gonna get a new battery me thinks.
  5. If the battery is dead flat, It needs to be put on a charger to give it life again,
    Dead flat battery will run the bike as it completes the circuit, but will not charge from the alternater,
  6. replace the battery; it was probably only regular riding that was keeping it from dying earlier anyway
  7. If you don't ride it often enough , you might want to consider a trickle charger. It will keep the battery topped up and let you stress less.It will save you money in the long run , believe me ....I've owned three Suzuki 1100s Katanas, boy did they hate winter!

    cheers michael
  8. Thanks for the quick replies guys, will invest in a new battery and charger this weekend, from what Ive read on here Jcar is the place to go for a charger.
  9. Before you buy the battery, jump start it again and put a multi-meter across the battery terminals. If it's not reading 14.3V+ then it's likely not your battery.

    If you haven't got a multi-meter they are worth the $15 investment.
  10. 650 Yammy years ago would not start with a flat battery,
    It needed power to open the solenoid to start it,
    Pain in the arse that one,
    Dont know if they still do that tho,
    They may have changed the electrics