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To jacket or not to jacket?

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by cam77, Dec 29, 2005.

  1. On a 30 degree day, do you wear your full jacket?

    OK, here's the story.

    Got my L's a few weeks ago. Have been researching gear etc for a while on the internet (including this forum), and the dominant message I get is "protective clothing at all costs".

    So I go down to MCAS this morning, spent about $1100 on some gear.

    This afternoon I decided to take my gear and go for my first test ride (which incidentally was EXCELLENT fun, took out a CBR, ZZR and a spada)

    I have all my gear (and no idea), and a fellow rider says to me, "nah, forget the jacket, too hot today! You only need the jacket when it's cold or you're crashing, and you're not crashing today"

    So I thought OK, maybe he's right. So anyway. after riding around in a t-shirt (I know, very naughty for a learner), and sitting around, I'm still sweating up a treat. If I had the jacket on, I would need to be on a drip!!!!

    How do you get by in this heat?!?!?

  2. I like to jacket first thing in the morning, it clears the pipes...


    Check out the mesh jackets like the Joe Rocket Phoenix, it's a revelation when the temperature comes up, and it's even bloody comfy when it cools down too. About $250.
  3. you become tuff. either by sweating it out and being safe or being a little cooler and removing a bunch of skin. either way, you become tuff and manly and really smelly :cool:

    being a biker rocks....
  4. on hot days i wear my mesh jacket, can't go past it!
  5. As long as you don't stop it's all good :LOL:
  6. Go faster.

    The only time the jacket ever gets to me is when I'm off it and walking around. Apart from that I put up with it.

    I go by the view, too hot to wear a jacket, too hot to ride.

    Your choice though, you can do what you like :)
  7. Unzip the jacket a bit at the neck, leave the sleeve zips undone and most importantly, don't stop for anything. If you are moving with a little bit of airflow through the jacket you should be OK.

    You are going to be hot in any gear on a hot day, just like you will be cold in pretty much any gear on a cold day. Accept that the bike doesn't have aircon and heating, it's windy as hell and remember that the majority of days riding it is reasonably comfortable and a heaps more fun than sitting in a car.

    Whether you wear the gear is up to you. Statistically you are probably not going to fall off today, but who really knows!
  8. I wear my jacket in all conditions. 40+ degrees is fine. OK - it's hot, but I'll still be wearing my jacket, boots, gloves, and Draggins (oh...and helmet :) ).

    That's the most ridiculous comment I've ever heard I think.

    Seriously, it's not that bad when you're on the move. A little air getting into your jacket goes a long way, and keeps you pretty cool - even on a hot day. When I stop, I take it off before I get too hot. Besides, a little sweat never hurt anyone...just drink plenty of water.

  9. 30 degrees?? I dream of that. I'd be rugged up in my dririder!!

    I wear a draggin jacket, and today being 36, (tomorrow 41 and saturday 43) i just came in from an hours ride, with the jacket on.
    I took the jacket off and rode into work in just a t-shirt, and to be honest it was no different..
    still bloody hot!
  10. The bloke that told you not to wear the jacket!!!What a WANKER

    I dont care how good he thinks he is now..I want to see him after, me ( wearing full leather's ) and him have slid down a nice tar road!!!

    Guarentee i wont be crying like a baby from lacerations from head to toe.

    Wear the jacket even if it's 40degrees..

    Dont be a fcuking pickle!!!
  11. LOL @ "don't be a pickle"
  12. Did you ask this other rider which day you were going to crash?
    That would be real handy to know in advance as you can imagine.

    Maybe he could help with the lotto numbers too.
  13. I wear jacket, draggins, gloves and boots as a bare minimum...it may not be the best looking but my skin is my own :grin: ...remember when you skinned your knee falling of your pushbike at about 10kmh when you were a kid...hurt like a biatch didn't it!...now imagine coming off at 60kmh and sliding down the road with hands, arms, legs, arse etc grinding away on the road...then getting the garvel scrubbed out with a brush, then disinfecting the wounds, then the skin grafts being taken from your back, thighs and your other missing bits of skin being patched up etc...

    Sweat or lots and lots and lots of pain...a bit of a no brainer really :)
  14. Yes I agree, its alsways helpful to know what days you're going to crash, then you can plan ahead and squid on your 'non-crashing days'...just make sure you don't mix the days up!

    And make sure you broadcast to all the cages which are 'non-crashing days' cuz you don't want them pulling out on you when you're not prepared ;)

    I think you realise how stupid this sounds?

    Think of the heat as a trade off for being able to maneouver better in traffic, park anywhere and enjoy going from A to where ever.

    Again I'll ask, has anyone known someone to squid, wipe out, cop severe road rash and keep squidding?
  15. I have synthetic gear and, like some others have said, I'm quite hot the second I get of the bike (not a problem - take the jacket off) and between comfortable to cool when riding. Undo the zips (except for the fly).
  16. I have synthetic gear and, like some others have said, I'm quite hot the second I get of the bike (not a problem - take the jacket off) and between comfortable to cool when riding. Undo the zips (except for the fly).
  17. Unless your in inner city stop start traffic and you don't lane split wearing a jacket isn't too bad at all, just get a good summer jacket with lots of vents, unzip the front about 1/4 the way down and you'll be sweet, If you're still hot wear one of those basketball jerseys underneath (Or nothing).

    I always wear a jacket, jeans/draggins, and winter gloves no mater what. I wear my boots 90% of the time just not to and from work.
  18. Actually wore it all the time....when I was riding anywho..

    You will get plenty on here, and riders everywhere that will tell you that you dont need them if you are a careful rider...I thought I was a careful rider and then woke up in hospital 2 weeks after my accident...and the blokes I rode with used to laugh at me for being so slow and cautious...
    The only slack I gave myself on hot days (around 40 degrees) was to ride without gloves so the air would travel up the arms and cool me down.

    Moral of this story is, you just never know...
  19. Good, those were the answers I was looking for. Seems there are enough horror stories to not worry about sweating!

    Anyway I have bought the gear now, why spend over a grand and not use it!
  20. im always suited up, head to toe fully protected. I never wear a jumper as the cold dont bother me. so imagine how hot it is in that leather jacket for me. When i finally get it the jacket off, if its hot im dripping sweat. I know i would rather that than dripping blood!! :shock: