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To Iphone or not to Iphone? Advice needed!

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by QuarterWit, Jul 10, 2010.

  1. Well, I seem to be doing okay with my prepaid old Nokia but I've had a look and I get much better value for money by going on a plan - more specifically the Optus $59.00 cap.

    Anywayz, I was looking at the basic Iphone, but got distracted by the newfangled one that is coming out. I'm not all that interested in it, but not knowing how apple works I've a few questions...

    When the new Iphone gets released, will the 8gig 3GS or 32gig model get cheaper overnight?

    So, should I hold out from signing up to a plan?

    More broadly...

    1gig of downloads doesn't sound like much - but I'm guessing for checking email fairly often it's completely sufficient. I'm just used to torrenting heaps of p0rn, I guess?

    How does the Iphone effect you as a motorcyclist? I'm coming from a very, very old handset and the tiniest snippets of information will probably be new to me.

    And finally, if someone youbewt plan appears one year into the contract and I simplyabsolutelyhavetoget some new upspec Ipod model, do you have any options upgrading from your carrier?

    Thanks in advance! And apologies for what are probably stupid questions.
  2. QW - I am in the same boat as you

    waiting for the new Iphone to be released so the old ones price drops - I dont need to be an early adaptor for what I see as basically what is now a disposable piece of technology ( cell phones )

    as for plans etc

    vodafone has the best price of $99 unlimited with all calls to mobiles and landlines included as well as all text messages here in Oz and to overseas plus 1.5gb download

    but they lock you in for 2 years

    Virgin have plans that you can leave at any time but therpice is higher for the comparable cals etc
  3. If you're looking at getting an Optus contract, consider the upcoming iPhone. The reason I would say get the 4G over the 3GS is because it supports the 900Mhz 3G network, whereas the 3GS doesn't. As the bulk of Optus' 3G network infrastructure outside of metropolitan areas is now on 900Mhz you'll get better 3G coverage.

    Hold on until they release the various plans and then make a decision. Based on history they seem to release plan details the day before they make the hardware available.
  4. Before you make a decision look at the Android phones, specifically, the HTC Desire or the new Samsung.

    The Desire is available on a Telstra $49 plan with 200 megs of data.

    That's a good starting point and cheaper than the iPhone.

    The new Samsung is available thru Optus.

    If get an iPhone via Optus you'll have limited 3G coverage for data services. But the new Samsung connects to Optus's national 3G network.

    As for motorcycles it depends on what you wanna do. iPhone has more apps but the Android phones are starting to catch up.
  5. 1GB is heaps.

    The are several advantages for the motorcyclist: GPS, Google Maps, Weather, Trapster....
  6. Thanks for the info so far guys - tis appreciated.

    I'm not an early adopter, but $99 is double what I'm looking at spending per month. Trying to stay around the $50 mark if at all possible.

    Is there a release date for the new Iphone? I suppose there's no rush with these things, prices don't often go up on older stock!
  7. Each phone has their disciples and both are very good phones. I have an iPhone, as does Lizzy and we both really enjoy them as phones and for their apps. Its simplicity and ease of use make life easy and the closed system is, to me, an advantage. However check the Android out, it's supposed to be a great phone and system.
  8. 23rd July - and you'll pay a heap upfront on probalby anything other than their "maxi" >$99 plans - even the 3GS 32GB you're paying the phone off on all up to $99

    The 3GS should come down a bit more

    If you don't mind buying on line, you can get two months of your contract free

    8GB free on $49 and up!! http://personal.optus.com.au/web/oc...=d4d5f6989277aed7cabbf590011e659d82fc99bf4|24
  9. Yeah, I saw that, tis what got me interested.

    So I guess it's worthwhile waiting then...
  10. If you want the 32GB, - might not be free on $59...but be worthwhile comparing in two weeks

    Colleague got a call, two days ago, from her provider offering a free 32GB 3GS with three months free contract - unlimited Vodafone plan...so guessing they've still got a few in stock around the place
  11. Hmmm. Touche. My next stupid question, not having one of these phones before... what do you use 8 gig of memory in the phone for? Music, podcasts etc?
  12. Music, podcasts, audiobooks, apps, emails, word docs, photos, ...
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  14. Have a serious look at Android phones dude. Don't be an iSheep.

    I was an early adopter of the original 'google' phone. The HTC Dream, and well, it sucks because it was built on slow hardware but the new phones, like the Desire and Samsung Galaxy S are fantastic. They have better screens than the iPhone 3Gs too.

    I'm waiting till my current contract is up and by then Android 3.0 (and even faster phones) will be out! :D :D
  15. I didn't get one and chose the N97 instead as everyone has one of these things!
    They have awesome picture quality and the data included with plans are more than enough to surf the net with it.

    Multi tasking is important to me as I need to be able to run many different apps and windows at the same time which the Iphone lacked.
    Now OS 4 is released and available for 3GS users to update, it has multi-tasking =]
  16. It might be worth looking at Telstra plans as well.
    Having just changed from a 3g 16gb virgin/optus phone to a 3gs 16gb telstra phone plan, the difference in network quality is miles different.
    Not sure on a reliable network in melbourne suburbs, but if it's similar to sydney, the optus network gave me a lot of dropped network problems, just in driving around the suburbs.
    At times, I would have "full signal strength", and showing 3g signal, but internet, phone calls had no chance of working.
    As for having 16gb memory on iPhone, I personally have not got anywhere near using more than half that available memory.

    Telstra plans now have the Iphone 3gs available for $0 upfront, no phone repayment for the length of the contract (2yrs), on a $49 cap.
    This cap includes $400 included calls, and 200mb of included data.
    As for having 200mb data, my average on the old phone was 180mb per month. May not sound like much, but if your just using phone for email, web browsing, street search on maps, occasional youtube, e.t.c., then you may not need more, and yes, I do use the phone a lot for this purpose. You can always add a $10 data pack to give you an extra 200mb per month to use, if you think you are going over.
  17. Telstra, since their new CEO came on board have dramatically adjusted the value of their offerings. I have a 3G ipad data pack from them and whilst it is still more expensive than Vodafone/Optus et al, it works just about everywhere. I was in NT last week and only a few times did I ever have no service from it. I dislike Telstra with a vengeance, but if you want data* coverage, then they are 2nd to none.

    * I am with Vodafone up here and they are pretty damn good. Where I can't get 3G, I get Edge which does allow email and some web browsing. It's a huge improvement over GPRS which is what you get in the capital cities if you can't get 3G (with Vodafone).
  18. I recently had the same dilemma when I had was released from my Optus contract (as it was so crap) on the 16gb 3GS, had the option of getting a replacement iPhone through telstra or a HTC Desire. Although the Desire had much specs on paper compared to the iPhone I ended getting the iPhone again purely for the ease of use and sleek function of it. I have been with Telstra for about a week now on the $49 plan that gives u about $400 worth of calls and 200mb of data, to that I added a $20 data pack which gives me 700mb with no additional handed repayments. Mobile data is quite different to home Internet as you will not downloading movies and use it for surfing and emails, if u have a wireless network at home u save downloading apps for home and keep YouTube videos to a minimum and you'll find that the data cap wil be more than enough.
  19. Its funny hearing people warning others to not "follow the herd" or use terms like iSheep :)

    There are good reasons iPhones are and will increasingly become massively popular.
  20. And the people that do so tend to be part of a devoted following of a competing platform :LOL: Where's that thread on irony? :p

    They're just a device people. People can choose whatever floats their boat or suits their requirements without being subjected to derogatory comments because they haven't chosen something that you've chosen for yourself.