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To ipad or not?

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by peter-reebok, Dec 21, 2010.

  1. been using a PDA since 1992, upgrade every couple of years.
    Like my excel and word, especially SQL databases, and 12c financial calc (I sell finance for a living)

    Time to update again, and gadget part of brain is saying ipad, ipad.

    Been looking at the 64GB wi-fi +3G model.




    I watch a lot of downloaded old TV shows on the PDA, and anticipate using the 'interweb' on the Ipad more than on the PC at home.

    Resisted the iPhone addiction, blackberry addiction, but have multiple ipods (they have a use!)

    1000 seems a lot to spend if I make a wrong choice.
    Would be using at work daily, and at home when I am too lazy to walk to the PC (other room). Have my TV and PVR networked using Wifi at home as well, so am not technologically handicapped, just prefer to actually use things rather than look cool using them, cant see the iPhone doing a lot for me.

    But seems like the next wave of technology that is usable.
    Understand the Ipad is good for consuming media rather than creating it.
    Not a replacement for my PC's, just an augmentation

    feedback from those who chose to buy, and from those who decided not to ?
  2. I'm trying to talk myself into a Samsung Galaxy Tab, for the same sorts of reasons, and it's a proper phone as well, but apart from screen size my smartphone does everything it does, and fits in my pocket to boot

    the ipad is a seductive device, I will admit.....
  3. do the research, do you really need one?
    don't get caught up in the apple/anti apple debate, what is it you really want?
    Does it fit in with your needs?
    If so then get an ipad, if not look at the alternatives.
    As for my personal opinion?
    I like them for what I would use them for and what their future holds for them.
    Many schools in vic at least are starting to use them and one must realise they have only been in australia 20 weeks and have really made a huge impact.
  4. I hate the lack of support for FLASH in iPhone, and the iPad is the same thing, i quite frequently cross a site that has Flash to some extent and i am unable to view/use that site on my iPhone.

    HTML5 is apparently going to be the future for video embedded sites and such, but a lot of sites use flash for applications such as "finance calculators" and "magazine/brochure" type requirements, all which will be unsupported within an iPad.

    Also not sure how good the iPad processing would be for excel, SQL etc.

    End of the day determine the functions youd use it for most and see if it would support all those functions.

    As for my personal opinion, iPad is a nice toy for basic functions, but does not support everything I'd want to do or be able to do with a "tablet PC"
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  6. My other half decided the other week that she MUST HAVE ONE - even though we had agreed earlier this year that they don't really fulfill a 'need' for us, but would be a great novelty (exactly what a Christmas present should be, right?!).

    I see them as a fantastic 'coffee table computer' for consuming the web on the couch. An ad remoind you of something you were planning to look up... grab the ipad and go for it. Want to check the TV guide for tonight.. grap the ipad and go for it.

    MrsRuss is using it very heavily as an e-reader at the moment and is loving it.
    I've used it a few times to watch downloaded TV episodes in bed (VLC FTW!!).
    We opted for Wi-Fi only, but with 3G you can grab a news update (or NR) whenever you get a break.

    These days you can use Google Docs too. Not sure about editing other MS Office standards, but I'm pretty sure you can view them at least.

    It is a lot bigger than a PDA though, certainly not something you'd easily keep with you all day. Take note of all the things you do on your PDA over a regular week and assess if it can be done on the iPad. If not, is that a deal-breaker?

    Also remember that you're pretty much bound to iTunes as well!!
  7. Have you ever picked one up? For me they are way to big and heavy to be portable. I've an mp3 player that's much more portable. I've a kindle reader that's much more portable. I've an android phone that's much more portable. Even all three together are more portable than an iPad. If I ever decide I want all three features at the same time I've got a laptop.....
  8. I love my Apple gear, I've got an iMac, a MacBook Pro, a Time Machine, an Apple TV, an iPhone and sundry other bits and pieces (including a Kindle 2) and I still haven't bought an iPad because at the end of the day it's primarily a media consumption device and I've already got devices that I can 'consume' my media on.

    If you don't, or if you want to replace several devices with a single one then go for it, personally I prefer to have individual devices for individual purposes when I'm at home.

    When I'm out and about the iPad is too big, the Samsung Galaxy Tab is closer to a form factor that would temp me and it doubles as a phone but given my Apple preferences I wouldn't buy that either. Now if Apple released a 7 inch iPad with phone function then I'd be seriously tempted, the iPhone is too small for lots of media types and the iPad is too bulky to carry around most of the time but half way between would be just right...
  9. iPad is the sh!t!!! It's awesome seriously. It's not easily portable in that it's not an in your pocket option, but I use mine, every single day.

    Had one (16GB WI-FI) model since about a week after they came out. Do not regret at all.

    The bulk of my web surfing is now iPad. They are also very watchable. If you get the air server app, $2, you can stream the content seamlessly from your PC, so no need to bog it down with content even.

    Wouldn't bother with the expensive bigger capacity and 3G, long as you have wi-fi you're good.

    I'm a gadget boy from way back, and takes a lot for a gadget to stand out to me now, this one however is fantastic for content consumption.

    Forget SQL, XL, word etc, it's not strong enough, and it's not a workhorse.

    For doing what it says on the tin, it can't be beaten I reckon.

    Oh, for the record, I don't like Apples computers, so not a fanbois.
  10. The Skyfire - iPhone app (http://www.skyfire.com/product/iPhone) clearly states on iTunes "Flash Games and Apps not supported". Various articles on the Skyfire app for iPad state "Flash Video" support only, at this point no article states that it will support "Flash games & Apps".

    I am not an iPad hater, just pointing out some limitations so that a informed choice can be made.

    Edit: They are handy in the office and in and around meetings. A few colleagues have them and love em. I just need something that easily supports all that i want to do, and for me the iPad doesn't. If you gave me one for free it take it though ;)
  11. I've been thinking about an iPad like device for my wife. She is largely a content consumer with the occasional email and forum post.

    I've decided to wait for a little while as the market for tablets is really hotting up and will continue to do so for the next few years.

    I'd like to see what the second generation of these devices will bring.
  12. Ok....I only have 1 regret. The next gen iPad will have the retina display. Fantastic device for e-mag consumption too, and yes....I'll admit it, comic books. :D

    When it has the Retina display, the smaller words in magazines as an example will be easily legible.
  13. Yeah and no wings either.
  14. I say go 3G 100% you hamstring the device for use outside the house without it.

    Wifey uses hers with " docs
    To go" for her recipes And stuff.

    Docs are fully editable and sync to MobileMe and other iPhones etc.

    We also use it as the family
    Calendar again synced to mobile
    Me it shows the calendars for all 3 iPhones.

    In travels it replaces the need for a laptop too
  15. wings are so important
  16. Yeah - that is one thing that makes me wish I'd held off. Having said that, I read books on my iPad all the time. Way better when than lugging heaps of reading material around on long flights. The only hassle is having to switch it off for takeoff and landing.
  17. The problem with the ipad as a reader, as it is with many other 'readers' is that it doesn't suport the biggest platform, which is Adobe Digital Editions, and if you already have a large DRM library, you need to take that into account
  18. Doesn't iflow reader help with that?