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to import or not to import....

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by rdogg63, Oct 20, 2007.

  1. Hi everyone, I'm new to netrider (although i've read quite a bit :) ).
    I have just passed the learners course and was looking for my new bike. My budget is around $5000 and I'd like a new bike. Went to the local dealership a week or two ago and was considering the 2007 Honda CBR125R. Looked like an o.k learner bike to me though it was quite small and didn't look like it had enough grunt. I also checked out the '07 GPX250s. Didn't mind them two much, but they looked a bit outdated....

    Anyways, I was surfing the net and I found out in the US that they have the 2008 Ninja 250R that sells for US$3500. I emailed a dealer (State 8 Motorcycles, Ohio) about importing this bike and he said that the bikes would arrive in about a month's time. The guy estimated shipping costs to be at around US$900. I also checked customs and there's no customs duty on bikes (only 10% GST)

    All in all, this bike would probably end up costing me US$4750 = AU$5300. My question is that is this worth it? Or should I settle for something smaller then upgrade?

    I'd appreciate any advice/help.

  2. Sorry to break your new bike bubble, but buy a second hand pos. It wont be long before your new 125 will become slow and boring. You will lose way too much money on the resale.

    just my 2cents

  3. Also consider warranty. You won't have any if you import a bike. And the associated risks with importing it are too great, I feel, to warrant any savings that you might get.

    As suggested, as it's a learner bike that you're looking at, you'll have it for a limited time, get something cheap and reliable.
  4. Importing a bike is easy. Getting it complianced and registered is the tricky bit. Very, very unlikely you'd be able to get a bike like that on the road so unless you only want it for the track best to keep looking.
  5. Unless your going to race it, or just keep it as a track bike, forget it, just buy local. Ive been down this path before, trust me, it aint as easy as it seems. There are importers who do it, place in Lilydale, few joint in Qld around slacks creek from memory, forget their name, in motorcycle trader. They ship by the container load. If you are really that keen, maybe you can ask them if they will consolidate a bike with them, obviously they would want a cut, if they where even remotely interested.
  6. Don't forget about paying on your import:

    GST (10% = $500)
    Engineering/safety compliance(up to $1500)

    Don't do it. If it was easy and cheaper everyone would be
    doing it.
  7. Hi guys, thanks for all the feedback. Now that you mention all this stuff I don't think its worth the hassle. I've got not problems with buying a pos but my parents (who are contributing about half) aren't too enthusiastic on getting a bike that might break down or will be expensive to maintain. i'll probably end up geting a cbr125 - i mean they're not exactly a great bike but from what i hear they're a good commuter, are cheap to run and are reliable.