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To hyo or not to hyo

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by munecito, Nov 19, 2006.

  1. That is the question.

    I went to the motorcycle expo today and put a deposit for a new Hyo comet GT650 but I'm not so sure about it.

    I just left the deposit because they had a discount of $1000 for the duration of the expo so it all came to $8400 ride away.

    Now the thing is I have a CB250 with 3800 Kms in the clock and I know they won't give me much if I trade it in, so how much do you guys think I could get if I sell it privately? It is in inmaculate condition, never been dropped and very well looked after.

    I have a week to make up my mind so what do you suggest? Should I get the Hyo? Should I keep the Cybby? Should I have a look at anything else?

    I need a reliable bike because I conmute 80 Ks a day but I really need something more grunty than the 250. I should have bought something bigger to begin with, but ....

    Any input will be highly appreciated.

  2. There is a small group of people on the forum who say that a Hyosung is a reasonable bike to buy. I have a feeling this is because they realise they will have to sell theirs someday.

    I'm not a fan. But your deposit is down. Follow your heart dear man and you will find happiness.

    They're cheap, not bad to ride and they're good to look at from a distance but there are quality and finish issues. I'm sure they'll get their act together as they mature as a company.

    However, for 8 grand you can get yourself about four shitloads better a motorcycle. My hornet cost around that, for example, second hand with 20,000km on it, all the mods I would've made and in immaculate nick. To my mind there's no question where the money's better spent.

    Now, I hereby summon a bevy of Hyosung owners to come tell you they're tops.
  3. Well, Loz, he's in Sydney, so maybe this is a LAMS bike? In which case he can't buy a 900 at any price...

    I guess another issue is what dealer is holding the deposit, and whether or not the customer will get looked after
  4. LOL. Well the deposit is just $50 and the sale is subject to the test ride and the trade in price that they can give me. If I'm not happy I will get my fifty bux back no questions answered.

    I quite like the look of the comet, I want to get a bigger naked bike but the problem is I work very odd hours and it is hard to go out and see the bikes.

    What other naked bikes are around worth of having a look. It needs to be LAMS aproved.


  5. I know 3 guys with GT250Rs who reckon they're tops, but we'll forgive them for not knowing any better :)

    The main advantage of Hyosung's is the size of the 250s, more suited to average larger sized male who doesn't want to look stupid on a typical 250.

    I don't have anything against them and as far as I can tell the only problem with them is the odd rattle here and there, but for the price what more can you expect. And you are getting a brand new bike after all. So at least u'll know where its been (or hasn't been)
  6. Will, it depends on what you want, new or used being the biggest determining factor.

    This afternoon at the Robbo Pie Shop I saw an absolutely mint Yamaha XJ-650 with L plates on it.

    Yes it's older, but it had had a bit of money spent on it and looked fabulous. And he paid $2,600 for it, registered......
  7. What's a 2nd hand GS500 worth? They're not bad.
  8. As I said it is not the new or old factor what moves me, but the fact that I don't have the time to go and have a look at the shops or to go and test ride a couple of bikes here and there.

    I already made a mistake and bought a new CB250 so I just don't want to go making costly mistakes every three months.

    Thank you for any help/opinion. I really appreciate them and they are all helping me to make my mind.

  9. Jump on bikesales.com.au and hook up a couple test rides. Nothing to lose as long as you still have your 250. Surely you can find an hour or two here or there.
  10. I have only had my licence for 1 year ,so a I was with the LAMS bikes.

    I got a new GS500F ,GREAT BIKE to learn and ride after you full licence, bullet proof bike and it will last for ever .

    But !!!!! even looking at the GS500F today at the show and the GTR650.
    Im not 100% ,I would go the GS over the GTR ,say...... if I lost my licence and you had to start all over again from L's for "example".

    I have heard little things going wrong with the HYO's but all bikes have hipups ,but I have never heard anyone having any trouble getting the HYO''s fix with warrenty ,so it wouldn't worry me getting one.
    Resale is a worry though ,but if you buy a GS500 ,and then upgrade to a 650 ,your gona end up about the same after buying -selling -buying.

    My 1c ,im still a newbie . :wink:
  11. So you dont have time to test ride anything hey?

    Well that leaves you with two options;

    1. Buy something without riding it and make the same mistake you did with the Cibby.


    2. Make some time to test ride bikes. Line up a whole lot of rides for the same day and take a day off work, or use some sick leave, or tell them your grandmother died or something. Point is, surely if you want to test ride badly enough then you can make some time.
  12. i have no personal opinion on hyos. But i was in peter stevens and one of the guys there was totally dissing them, that is a little sus since they sell them
  13. I have bias against hyo - never ridden one. but the stigma is enough to keep me away. Some people milk horses and enjoy it - but it's just something I'd never like do.

    Is the Hornet 600 LAMS approved?
    If not get a Hornet 250... :grin: is now a permanent fixture on my dial.
    CB250 and CB250F completely different bikes.

    other naked 250's
    Yamaha Zeal
    Kawasaki Balius
    Suzuki Bandit

    SRP on a brand new GS 500 is only $7,390 +ORC
  14. 176 kgs and around 90 horsepower??? I don't think so :LOL:

    To the best of my knowledge (and I've watched the debate very carefully) we've only had one user on the forum who's bought a Hyosung, of any variety, and had troubles with it, and to my recollection these were fixed by the dealer under warranty.

    On the other hand we've had a tirade of , "I know a bloke who knows a bloke who had the front wheel fall off on the way home from the dealer..."-type stories. You draw your own conclusions.
  15. The Cibby wasn't really a mistake it is only that I have outgrown it already. It happens.

    I'm not so sure about the Hyo after consulting with the pillow. It is difficult to get sickies when you work in theatre. The only two reasons you miss a show are if you are in hospital or in jail and if you are in any of the two options is difficult to test ride any bike :LOL:

    As I said I have a week to decide but I don't think I'll go ahead just because after checking the trade in prices in the red book I rather keep the cibby or sell it privately which is a pain because the time factor.

    Let's see. Thanks to all of you that have given opinions.

  16. There ok.

    Not the best, not the worst. It's a value for money bike so you can't forget that. I've had no problems with mine.

    There are plenty of people that will talk smack about them, with or without riding one because there newish on the market. Remember 'Jap Crap' anyone? Started dodgy but they got it sorted.

    I rolled the dice when I bought mine, I'm happy I did now. If your not sure, then keep the CB and just ride the arse off it until you can get a big bike.

    You have to ride it. You decide.
  17. I did a lot of research in my options before recently deciding to go with the Hyo. Sure they don't have the name that the Jap bikes etc have as they've only been here for a few years but they have been around overseas for 25 years and work with Suzuki as well. I've had long time bike friends check it out and they love it, one is a prestige car detailer as well and was very impressed with the general finish of it, the amount and quality of paint on panels etc. They have improved since the first batch arrived and are still improving. They are also into the top 10 selling road bikes if i remember correctly from the last AMCN. You'll also notice, as i and a few other people have over a couple of months of looking that second hand Hyo's don't come up very often and when they do they sell almost straight away. As Ro said they are built to a price but you're getting a whole lot of bike for your money!
    At the end of the day i'd rather ride something thats brand new, with warranty and looks shed loads better than the other things that are 15 years old and thrashed but you have to decide if thats what you want.
  18. Everything is built to a price and has compromises. This why people modify their bikes/cars.
    The Japanese are well versed at building bikes to a price for a market segment, can we say CB 250, GPX etc etc.
    Why is it any different that a Hyosung is similar, and why would it not last as long as the competitors? SOmeone will point to Hyundais, the only Hyundais I've seen die are ones that have had the life flogged out of them, and never been maintained(which is quite a few).
    The Koreans are smart enough to know when they don't know, so they bring in engines/transmissions (with their cars) and employ engineers from outside their organisations.
    As an example, Toyota got canned for 20 years when they entered the Australian market, now they own the serious 4wd/work vehicle market, through reliability and a good price.

    Regards, Andrew.
  19. Funny thing is Hyosungs have been on sale in Australia for quite some time, badged as Suzukis, and no one has had any major issues with those. Stick a Hyosung badge on it though and all of a sudden people are quick to jump on every minor little fault as "dodgy Korean workmanship". If you're worried about Korean workmanship you should buy a good quality Japanese bike, like a Honda CBF250 :wink: .
  20. Yeah, each to their own.. I had a look at the GT250R at PS, have to admit it looks pretty good and the size of the bike is well suited for tall guy like me..

    I dig more into it and found out the power to weight on the GT250R and a 15 year old... (both about the same weight)

    28 hp @ 10000rpm (GT250R) V-Twin
    45 hp @ 16000rpm (15 year old CBR250RR or ZXR250RR etc) Inline 4.

    I went for a 15 year old which has better power to weight ratio. Can't imagine if a 80kg guy like myself sitting on a GT250R.. Added to that, I couldn't justify extra $2.5K - $3K for a new bike which I might not be keeping after 1 year...

    If you are after.. peace of mind, warranty, nice new bike etc. yeah.. Hyosung.. but if you just want something reasonable which you can ride around for a year and a half and sell it after that.. (hopefully can get the same amount of money back..).. then you have plenty of choices out there.. keep looking around to find a good example...