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To Husky 510 Lightcycle or not ?

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by Takamii, Jan 12, 2012.

  1. I have been offered to buy a really really nice well looked after 2009 Husky TE510 that includes a Full Motard set up that was done by the Husky dealer

    It has a lot of bling

    I am tempted to make it into a Husky Lightcycle Motard to join the R1


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  2. no.

    motards arent for posers
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  3. I am not a poser - I am a trail blazing trend setter :)
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  4. That is one hot machine! Do it! ;)
  5. Please dont ruin another good motorcycle.
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  6. Just for that I am going to put all over the Bike

    SBK-750 made me do it :)
  7. SOLD. I couldn't let you ruin (another bike) it sorry..... :)

    On another note, I love my new 510 motard :D

    Seriously though, sex on wheels. Buy. Buy it. Buy it NOW (and let me use it for my wet race bike during WP enduro :) :) :) )
  8. what year husky you get? fun bikes hey, pretty flickable too. i was nearly gonna buy one but 3 motards is probably too many haha.
  9. do it just to piss people off
  10. I like that attitude
  11. got me through high school.....almost

    i am watching this (these) light cycle projects with interest and cheers for posting updates etc.

    good to see something new and different that is testing boundaries in a few areas.
  12. just sticking it to the man in beige cardigan :)
  13. Nice looking bike, will look good with lights. I'm a massive fan of doing whatever the **** you want, if people didn't and always succumbed to the crowd then the Mod scene would be going no where.
  14. do it too a harley. you will suit each other
  15. SO did you decide to TRONify this one Tak ?
  16. I havent bought it yet

    money is going into new product designs and prototypes.
  17. i don't want to delve into anything too personal but what is one of these machines worth ?
  18. about 9k
  19. fingers crossed i win lotto soon then haha