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To Heaven and Back

Discussion in 'Multimedia' at netrider.net.au started by dalemation, Nov 16, 2009.

  1. [​IMG]
    In 2008 we (Red, Senfiddy and I from here, Disco, Af2Af3 from RidingSA) went to the Super Bikes at Phillip Island via the Great Ocean Road (Video from that trip can be found here). We enjoyed it so much that we had to do it again.

    Under the guidance of the all-road-knowing Senfiddy, we squeezed even more out of the 10 days.
    Red, SJC, Senfiddy and I met up at the BP in Blackwood at sparrows fart for an early start.

    The first leg of the trip took us from Blackwood, through Strathylban, over the river on the ferry at Wellington, through the Coorong, along some boring bits untill we reached the start of the Great Ocean Road. Our final destination for the day was Port Campbell where we met up with Dave Dark_sun, one of Red's friends.

    The second day was spent riding around (and off) the GOR. I highly recommend taking the roads around the GOR! The target at the end of the day was Dave's place somewhere in Melbourne where we were to spend the night.

    The following couple of days were spent exploring the beauty of the hills around eastern Victoria. Mt Baw Baw, Walhalla and Licola where some names which have become synonimous with "awesome Victorian twisties". They were the goal but with fires devistating the area, still burning, we needed to take some serious direction changes (read as I don't know how we got there).

    We found ourselves at Red's Parents house for a couple of days while we waited for Af2Af3 and Pearl to catch up. Red and SJC went to visit friends in the city leaving two twisty addicts (Senfiddy and I) searching for a fix.
    The only fix we could find on the Morning Peninsula was a road that passes Bushrangers Bay. So we did it several times!
    It was here that Senfiddy put a curse on me. He said as kindly as his pure evilness could muster; "take mule for a spin and tell me what you think." Ever since, I have been obsessing over getting a dirt capable bike... Hexed I was! Thanks Sen! I had forgotten how much fun it was!

    We rendezvoued with Af2Af3 and Pearl that night, had a wonderfull meal cooked by Red's mother and headed to the Island under the cover of darkness.
    It was here that Sen's wonderful evilness struck again.
    Speaking like a harmless lamb he said: "I wonder how far $138 of petrol would get me? Which happens to be the price of a SBK ticket."
    I replied: "Where would you go?"
    He runs his finger over the map, outlining roads that looked like they were drawn by Michael J Fox.
    "Take us with you." I said as I glanced over at the boss who was nodding... "Yeah!"
    And so the following day we set out for Omeo in the Australian Alpine Region.

    Why sit around watching other people ride around in circles when you could be exploring heaven?

    The biggest problem with riding through the alps is you want to keep riding. Stopping felt like you were cheating yourself from flowing through another beautiful corner. At the same time the scenery off the road was breath taking, you must stop to take it all in! What to do? To stop or not to stop that is the question!

    A picture says a thousand words... So would 33877 pictures played at 25 frames a second say 25000 words a second for 22 odd minutes?
    You decide....
    The Video, finaly completed, (roughly) can be found:

    Vimeo: (High Quality, big file)
    One Part

    Has blocked the audio tracks, sorry. :(
  2. This is awesome! Love the editing dude! =D>

    Should post it up in the Roads/Touring section too. :-w
  3. wicked editing man and great story telling looks like you all had a great time

    that must've taken allot of work

    [cc] could be a bit long though [/cc]
  4. Well done. That shows what a road trip is all about. Some nice roads and great effects. Excellent use of the music.
  5. wow, nice one !!