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To Goondiwindi

Discussion in 'Roads, Touring, Journeys, and Travel' started by Benny Boy, Apr 29, 2013.

  1. It was one of those spur of the moment ideas. Go to Goondiwindi and back.

    Since I had recently bought a new sleeping bag I thought I’d test it out on the cooler Stanthorpe area by including an over night camp out.
    I’ve done the road to Stanthorpe dozens of times, and like usual I stopped off at Vinceno’s for pie, Tenterfield for fuel, an then on my way to sundown national Park.

    I was late afternoon by this point and the sun was just at the height that all I could see was white. I then discovered how long I could ride with one hand on the bike and one had shading my eyes. I made it to the start of the gravel road at Sundown NP. I don’t have a problem with level dirt roads or going up hill on dirt roads, but going down hill was nerve wracking. After a few smsll slides and thankfully no tips, I pulled over and went for a quick walk ahead to see what the rest of the road was like, and decided to turn around.

    It was getting dark, and I was on a hilly dirt road on a packed cruiser. I wasn’t feeling brave anymore so I decided to head for my backup site at Glenlyon dam tourist park.

    Cost was $18 for the night.

    So first thing I usually do is pull out the tent and lay it on the ground and lie on top of it, to have a quick break, and to find out the slope of the ground.

    Right, time to put the poles together, and it would seem that I had forgotten them, and the pegs.

    Thankfully I had some string and wire, for the first time in two years I had packed a tarp.

    I started out by trying to tying the tarp an tent fly to my bike so it would hang out off the side. That ended up being no good as my feet were still in the open and would no doubt get wet with morning dew. If I had pegs I’d be able to tie the tent to the bike, and the other end to the campsite BBQ and peg out the tent so it’s be wide enough to sleep under. I tried sticks and wood chips until I remembered that I have a screw driver and four allen keys in my bike tool kit. I used my leather man to push them into the ground and they worked a treat.


    New sleeping bag worked well, better that it’s Anaconda brand predecessor.

    Packed up and back on the Bruxner the next day, I was able to enjoy the road without the sun in my eyes. Occasionally scenic, there wasn’t much to the road except it was long. There were a lot of animal signs along the way, so I finally relaxed a bit when the bush on the sides of the road thinned out giving me plenty of warning if animals were coming from the trees.

    I don’t remember if there was a speed limit on the road, but the straights were long and the corners were wide. So I twisted the throttle to see what I could do. When I wasn’t hanging on, I was standing up trying to ride out some of the bumpier sections of the road.

    The Bruxner is in pretty good condition. There are a few patched sections but this section is the worst. Thankfully what you see here is the only bad bit.

    Made it to Goondiwindi, had lunch and turned back east again along the Gore highway. The Gore highway is probably the most boring stretch of road I’ve ridden.

    This photo could be from anywhere along the Gore Highway.

    To make matter worse there was roadwork’s every few km, between Millmerran and Toowoomba.
    From there back onto the Warrego highway back to home.

    All up about 920km’s
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  2. Hit a mob of roos about 20 klm from goondowindi in 2007.
    Not much fun.
    Plenty of em out here, have to be careful.
    Duct tape, some globes from supacheap in goondowindi, and a few hrs work fixed the bike enough to get home.
    Wasnt pleasant though - long way back to mlb.

    Glad to hear you did ok
  3. There were heaps of wallaby's in the park. I never saw any animals, except dead ones, while on the road.
    for very little planning, it ended up being a good ride.
  4. Going to Goondiwindi in September and then on to Bundaberg to visit old friends and then back again to Canberra. All in a week. Should be fun.
  5. Brilliant !
    I love spur of the moment rides.
    Did one not too long ago myself, Melbourne to Adelaide, planned at 2am, packed by 3am, set off just after 6am, in Glenelg (ready for a drink) at 4pm.

    Looks like a great ride, nice pics and pleased to hear your sleeping bag held up to the task :) Nice writeup mate.