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To go, or not to go.... (help!)

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by titus, Jan 2, 2007.

  1. OK, it's the eve of my one and only tour for the year, getting everything in order - and wouldn't you know it - just found the right fork seal leaking like a b@stard :mad:
    So... been on the phone to the guru, who can't help out, but suggested that it will probably be OK, if I prise the cap off (I'm guessing he means the rubber bit where the inner and outer meet???) and put a thin piece of rag in there to stem the flow a little, put the cap back, then keep it as clean as possible.
    So what do the wise men (and women) think? Is this going to work? Can it actually be done? Or do I take the HARD decision, and cancel the trip before more harm is done to the bike and my miserable self??
    All suggestions and advice gratefully received... :)

  2. Join RACV and go!
  3. You can have that seal fixed by 11am tomorrow. Then you just have to play catch up... dang, do you have to ride dangerously fast? :grin:
  4. I rode my CBR with a rag round the fork seal for a couple of months, so it can be done. I wouldn't recommend going that long though. :?

    and my husband is a mechanic :evil:
  5. Well... if I can find somewhere open tomorrow morning, maybe I can do it. The catching up part is the least of my worries (I'm the only one who knows the route :LOL: ) But yeah, even if I can't get the job done, I'm tempted to pocket the parts and go anyway.
    I reckon I could probably do the job, but it would take me the best part of the day (I'm slow as) so..., anyone know a bike fixer that's open this week?
  6. Mechanics are all snowed under or on hols.

    I know PoS will be open bright and early if you wanna buy a new fork seal!

    I vote the chunk o'rag.
  7. I went to Geoff Taylor motorcycles today and they rang them at 9.00am, gave them bike at 10.00am, picked up bike at 1.30pm.

    So I am guessing they ain't that busy, didn't see the usual high volume of bikes there, so maybe give them a try.
  8. OK, I'll try ringing around early tomorrow, and see what turns up. If no dice, then I'll buy the bits, go the rag, and hope for the best :grin:
  9. where you off to dude??? sounds like fun, stick a rag in and try to find somewhere open asap.... something up conutry will be desperate for the work surely!!
  10. The route depends a little bit on what roads are open, as it kind of skirts around where the fires were. Kinglake - Mansfield - Whitfield (Tolmie road, if possible) - Bright. Then Tallangatta via Happy Valley (unless Tawonga is open and OK) - Murray River Road. Back down to Mt Beauty, and if all is well, Falls Creek. Should well and truly f#@& the fork seal (and us!).
    Ah well, we'll see what tomorrrow bring...
  11. suspensions overrated anyway
  12. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  13. Prolly a bit late but what bike? If it was conventional forks it would be a POP to fix.
    The thing about fork seals is there not just there to keep oil in, they keep air in as well. The air needs to be there to act as a final damping part of the stroke. With a blown seal you have no air damping so under brakes, the fork will bottom much easier. Which could be very dangerous.
  14. Well folks, it all worked out well in the end. Many thanks to all who offered advice and encouragement, but some special thanks to K & J Thomas in Whittlesea who really saved the day.
    Wed morning I phoned a few local shops but all were booked solid, so I went down the Elizabeth street and bought the parts (for emergency) tied a rag around the leak and headed off with the group.
    Didn't get too far before the leak became a haemorrage. Suddenly remembered K & J Thomas was on the way, so begged them to help - and help they did! Even swapped my mis-numbered parts for the right item and did the job on the spot. Really nice people - go buy a bike from them. Thanks also to Pete for offering assistance, but we were already gone.
    So now I'm three hours behind, but made up good time (did Flowerdale and Tolmie like never before :grin: ). Crashed (metaphorically) in Bright, but the real fun began next day with a mind-boggling succcession of twisties - Tawonga Gap, Happy Valley (wow!), sweepers out of Beechworth, Hume Weir, Granya (OMFG! :shock: ) and Falls Creek.
    Today was even better - Falls road, Tawonga, Hotham, and back (THIS is the ABSOLUTE BEST! :grin: ) and home again in a blur of Wednesday's roads.
    Neither the bikes (even mine) nor the riders put a foot wrong the whole way. Doesn't get any better than that. Next time we'll see who wants to come with us! :)
  15. From those of us who were busy working while you were having fun, whats the emoticon for raspberries?