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To fix, or not to fix. That is the question

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by Enigma, Aug 21, 2011.

  1. Or is it..

    In a little bit of a 2 way decision here. My friend will be inheriting a 2006 model ZX6R from a mate who has moved interstate - As he does not have his bike license, I have been given the opportunity to revive it and ride it. The bike was involved in a head on collision (Think slow speed T-Bone) and is bent on the front. The bike itself is not listed as written off (AFAIK - Revs showed nothing) but i could be wrong.

    Everything else about the bike is immaculate and it only has 2k on the odo so it is practically brand new.

    Depending on its condition, and I can get some pics of it so others more informed can assist, I can look at reviving to it's former glory as we were told, fix it and its yours.

    so, what do other netriders think?

    Should I;

    A) pay some money to repair if possible - Would be a great weekend hobby
    8) part out the bike

    decisions, decisions...
  2. even a low speed head-on can stuff the frame in ways you won't pick up without proper machine inspections

    if it were me i'd restore it as a tracker
  3. Hi,

    I've done a similar repair on a smaller bike. Depends on what is bent and how easily you can get parts. Post up some pics, it would be interesting to see the damage.

  4. On it John,

    I'll get up some pics from all angles possible.

    When I inspected the bike last week, I could not see any frame damage, but then, I am no engineer.

    Good idea the forgotten, a track bike might just be the thing. Another thing to think about.

  5. I'm guessing you don't have both options? It's a free good bike, so fix it. If you're really worried about the frame, could you find a cheap bike from a wreckers with a blown motor, and just swap everything over? Or you could always fork out some cash to have the frame x-rayed / inspected?
  6. hello fellow enigma :p

    as others have said, depends alot on frame damage. ive never done a major repair myself but know a few people who have.

    sounds like the perfect trackie/restoration project though!

    good luck
  7. Fix it and then ride it like you stole it
  8. Technically that would be true 8-[

    I'll be removing the farings of the bike this week to take some photos and further inspect the bike. Fingers crossed it only requires a front end swap which means I can bring in the part cost to under 1.5k which includes

    New front forks / steering pivot / brake discs / race rear sets. Fairings seem to be very very expensive so might go the way of naked to save costs.

  9. Where are you located? If in Melb I can suggest some places to get second hand parts. Warning. New forks are very expensive if you buy new from a dealership.