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To fair, or not to fair....

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Storm Rider, Jun 30, 2007.

  1. Just wondering, when you're first starting out in the world of motorcycling, and you're restricted to a 2fiddy, do fairings make much of a difference?

    I mean, i've test ridden a CB250 (no fairing) and it seemed to have decent performance, but would it be any better for having a fairing?

    Or should i look at something like a GPX or Across that's already got all that stuff in place?

    Third option is putting up with whatever i get until i can afford a decent bike? (Vstrom is what i've been thinking of....)

    Any input, or direction to other threads would be appreciated.

  2. Fairing isn't going to make much/any difference to most 250s, let alone a cb of all things. The wind protection is more of an issue at speed, cb doesn't do speed. So don't sweat it. Just learn on something you like to ride, then get whatever style you want.
  3. Race-type full fairings on a 250 do look good, but given that most of them have similar performance, they are more for looks than anything else.

    That said, if you buy a naked bike, I'd recommend that you get a small screen-type fairing anyway, not for performance, but to keep the wind off your chest and make touring a LOT more comfortable.

    I've got this one http://www.busters-accessories.co.uk/proddetail.asp?prod=GTA601 on my 600 Hornet, it cost me around $200 from 1300 Kawasaki in Ringwood. Wouldn't leave home without it.....
  4. I have yet to find a decent performing cb250. Plastics cost money to fix, and it hurts when you drop it or it falls over. However there are 50billion gpx250s out there, and if you get an old one, replacement fairings will be relatively cheap.
  5. Go the fairing IMO......if you plan on doing more than 60k's an hour...

    I did my first stint of freeway riding last weekend, and was amazed at the wind forces acting on my body.......thankfully I have a ZZR250, so i could tuck down behind the fairing, which was obviously protecting most of the wind hitting me.

    It'd be quite an effort i'd say to ride a naked bike at freeway speeds.......
  6. yeah, it comes down to practical purposes, for me at least... I would have got a GS500 (naked) if I was predominantly a townie, but I do a several trips a month over 250km in length so thought the faring would offer a bit of protection and make the ride more comfortable out on the highway.... that said I know others simply prefer the look of fared bikes so get them for that reason.... there are pro's and con's either way, up to the individual....
  7. If you get a naked bike ,get a $200 screen like hornet said .

    I had a GS500F for a learner bike it was good for freeway riding .
    Then I got a naked bike ,I hated the freeways and wind on the chest ,but with my $200 screen ,that you put on or take off in 10 seconds ,I've done 400km on a freeway and it's GREAT works better then my fairing on the GS.
    It may not look flash ,but when you do a 2 day ride or run up the freeway ,just put it on.
  8. A mate of mine says "fairings are for poofters" Gromit knows who.

    Hey, I have a fairing :LOL:

    Wind protection, rain protection, bug and so on....
    Looks like I be a poofter LOL

    Long live fairings. Should you have one on a 250 ? why not.
  9. Cool. thanks for the feedback guys. I do like the look of a naked bike, but given the wind and conditions we've been having in Vic recently, its made me consider other aspects....

    Looks like i'll be going for a fairing, whether it comes with the bike or is an aftermarket attachment.

    Cheers :)
  10. Most likely answering a rhetorical question but.. Why not? Most newbies on 250s tend to drop them (either standing and/or riding) and a dropped bike with fairings usually cost (a lot) more to fix back to original :)

    Also I found riding from Richmond to 40kms'ish past Geelong to my parents place when I had the VTR250 no great hassle. I reckon 140+ is when fairings REALLY come to protect for legs. As hornet600 said, get a windscreen/shield to help block chest/face level wind :)

    Just my opinions anyway.
  11. I have had 2 naked bikes and just got a faired one. I had a gs500 naked first, first bike so didn't know any better. Wind scared the crap out of me when I first started off. Then had and SV650, naked again. I noticed a massive difference even from the tiny little headlight faring thing on that compared to the GS.

    Now I have a fully faired bike, I was out in the crazy ass gusty winds on Friday and thought nothing of it. It makes a pretty significant difference in those sort of conditions. A couple of times I tucked right down to and got right out of the wind. Twas great.
  12. naked

    I love the gusty winds and I am naked.I decided to go nude until I am off the P's.Fairings are very sexy though.On the serious side I decided to go for a naked as they were cheaper, if had the dough I would have been dressed!
  13. I had been riding naked bikes for the last 28 years and bought my first bike with a fairing 18 months ago.I aint going back to a naked bike unless i drag the old z900 out for a criuse along beach road. :grin:
  14. I'm still getting to grips, but found fitting the small screen that came with my CB250 (around the light and a steeply angled screen) really helped reduce the wind in my lower chest/tummy - go for it!
  15. Don't be soft.