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To earplug or not to earplug... that is the question

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by theiceman, Mar 18, 2009.

  1. G'day all, just wondering whether there was a consensus out there about wearing earplugs. I've often read where they're recommended but I can't imagine how you'd hear emergency vehicles or that errant truck about to swallow your back wheel. On the other hand I ride an 'are ya coppin enough buffeting there mate' KLR 650 and the wind noise even with different helmets is pretty fierce. Over to you guys. theiceman

  2. Always, always, always, always wear earplugs.

    Get yourself a pair of earmolds and wear them all the time

    once you have lost a register of your hearing you never get it back
  3. ive been meaning to get some...

    does the quality of the different ones make much difference? are there any particular places one should go to get some, or pretty much all the same?

    cheers :D
  4. Plus one for the Earmolds, best 50 bucks I ever spent. Earplugs take a bit of getting used to but after a while you wont want to ride without 'em.
  5. If you run a search you'll find many posts about this so useful to check that out.

    I personally wear earbud headphones, knock out alot of sound and listen to music at the same time (not too loud). I always wear them for commuting, highway, everything other than twisties. I've found the type of music you listen to genuinely makes a difference to your attitude/mood whilst riding. With my ipod I find I get impatient and feel the need to overtake alot, get annoyed by stupid cagers, etc. With dads ipod (oldies music) I'm much calmer and relaxed.
  6. consensus say: wear ear plugs and you can ride longer without getting physically as drained as if you were not wearing ear plugs.. why? i dont know why? but if it stops you from fatiguing and doing a stoppie into the back of a merry go round then.. wear it or DIE
  7. Get what they call "musicians" earplugs i believe, cut's out a lot of the DB but DOESN't filter out lower end sound. About what, $200? but one-off an tax deductible as safety equipment.
  8. I wear 50c foam earplugs. Get new ones every couple of weeks. They work wonders on the highway, but you don't notice how load your bike really is.

    It surprises me when I don't have them in.
  9. I've got stupid sized ear canals (plugs fall out) and wear blue tac when swimming and boxing. Might give em a try. Thanks all.
  10. Hehe, my Creative EP630's nicely do that, cutting a chunk of high frequency, meaning high quality bass as well as making my bike feel deeper than it is :)
  11. i find my helmet blocks out enough of the sound still letting me hear everything else, like engine, emergency, other road users, everything, i dont think ill ever wear ear plugs.
  12. Wind roar is the big thing,after a full day with them and without you will be very surprised just how much difference they make,BTW you still hear your engine and the cops,just not the fatiguing and wearing sounds.I have an amost painfully snug top of the range Shoei and it stops FA sound compared to my Earmolds.
  13. get me in contact with your dealer.

    mine are 70c :( :LOL: :p

    i just buy a bunch of em, cut em in half coz otherwise theyre too long and catch on the helmet padding when i put it on, and slowly go thru em as i either lose em or they get too crusty to use :LOL:
  14. Senheiser inner ear bud headphones.... Plugged in to the ipod shuffle. Cuts out ALOT of noise, and can listen to music all i want :) Can still hear the bikes engine when its over 8k or at quiet bits in the songs :)
  15. I never ride without ear plugs; I want to be able to hear the mid and high octaves when I am 30.
  16. Considering the wind noise over most helmets at legal freeway speeds is loud enough to cause hearing damage over the long term...

    Eh. Spacial awareness is a fair concern, but I find the spacial awareness granted by hearing to be pretty marginal anyway. All of the cars around you have to pass a tight 73dB limit, while the bike you're sitting right on top of only has to pass a 91dB limit or so (that's only 64 times louder! Even a VTR250's 83dB is about 8 times louder than a car), and at any significant speed even the bike's loud exhaust is drowned out by wind noise.

    Use your eyes and mirrors to maintain spacial awareness... Light travels a lot further than sound. :)

    You'll still hear things about you, too... It's just 25-30dB quieter.
  17. i have some seinheisser (spelling) head phones i use, but i dont usually use em :D just need to grab some cheaper 50 (or 70 :p) c foam ones i think :D
  18. Yep. Wear earplugs.
  19. Earplugs

    One more for the Earmold camp. I've only rcently become a convert having worn the el cheapos in the past. Once you get used to them they are really comfortable and cut out much of the high frequency end of the sound spectrum. You can certainly still hear traffic etc. Nowadays it is common knowledge that long term exposure to elevated noise levels will damage hearing so I can't understand why anyone who rides any distance would not wear plugs. Earmold normally has a stand at the Superbikes/MotoGP. Otherwise try Googling them.
  20. I got my earmold (with music tubes) in the aim of getting something that would stay in my ear when putting a helmet on. Previous attempts with all earphone brands and styles were complete FAIL, they would always fall out.

    I got the earmolds and on the first ride, the first thing I noticed was how much wind noise they cut out. It's this constant drone of noise which destroys your hearing without you noticing it. (However the first ride I had the iPod cranked up and was speeding like a mofo).

    Now on very short trips I won't put them in and notice the wind noise a lot.

    Definitely worth getting earmolds, even without the music tubes if you don't want music.

    Surrounding traffic? Simple, my iPod on half volume give good listening volume (i like my music loud too) and you can hear traffic at low speeds. Highways are a little difficult. This morning could hear a firetruck several blocks away. This is good ya?

    Get some.