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To do or not to do

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by Guest, Jun 21, 2005.

  1. Riding to work at 11am and what do i find, a huge line of cars down the road for no apparent reason, gonna be late again oh no :LOL: :LOL: . Maybe a crash i think. Stuff it i think. Lanesplit i do. COP i see. Brakes i hit. Busted i get.

    Bike cop - "Do you have your licence mate"
    ME - OH F@#K "Not on me" :( :(
    Bike cop - "Your name"
    ME - STUPID STUPID STUPID "I dont have my open class licence" :oops: :oops:
    Bike cop - Lecture, lecture, lecture "Name, address, phone number"

    Luckily he wrote it in his pad, no ticket given at time so hopefully he forgot.
    Although i did have to get my boss :oops: to come ride my bike while i drove his brand new car to work 8) , only an hour late after all that. WHOOPS :LOL: :LOL:

  2. where abouts did you get caught lanesplitting?
  3. So, let me get this straight, you're riding an unrestricted bike without an unrestricted licence, lane splitting and you weren't carrying your licence on you???
    And you expect us to feel SORRY for you?
    Or was the point of the post to BRAG about how stupid that is?
    Either way, I hope you do get booked and I hope it costs you heaps.

  4. I don't really understand the mentality here either!
    Far out, if you are going to do such things you'd think that you would try to minimise the risk of getting caught!! Not that not getting caught is the point, but if your first thought was 'accident up ahead', wouldn't it be entirely possible that police could be in the vicinity?? As soon as the thought came to mind you should have thought about all the stuff you'd get busted for and decided against splitting at that time.
  5. Sounds like you were lucky to get off. Perhaps you should buy a tattslotto ticket. :D
  6. hahahaha you funny bastard :D
  7. OK people no need to debate he is a naughty boy and that its on his own head.
    You cant be accountable for anyone else.
    he chooses to ride a bigger bike , there is nothing you can do about it so there is no use getting your knickers in a twist .

    expect a ticket in the mail
    they dont have to book you on the post , they can take your details and write you up back at the station .
    It happened to my wife and i looked into with Vic Police and they can do iit .
    when he does a licy check the Volumes of tickets will be squeezed into your mail box and it will be bulging at the seems .

    give it 2 weeks , if you have nt heard anything after 2 months then wipe your brow and thank god you were kissed on the arse by an angel .

    until then I would consider staying with in your lic restrictions is you get out of this one alive
  8. oh you naughty boy you.... schame schame schame :LOL:

    now go sit in the corner with the pointed hat on :LOL:

    i dunno guys, i dont see anywhere that he's crying out for your pity, looks to me like he's telling a story :? i mean as yet, theres nothing to actually pity him for, he was just late for work in the end. sure, something might come of it, but it'll be but a slap on the wrist. not having your licence on you is a small fine, restricted licence is a bit larger at $110 and lanesplitting isn't a real big offence either as far as i know.

    i've never done anything stupid in my lifetime :roll: :LOL:
  9. I live in WA so i dont think it is a fine for no licence i dont know, either way it hasnt come yet.

    I wasnt searching for sympathy just telling the story as Coconuts said, i laughed about it so i thought someone else might to. That is what forums are for arnt they, to communicate over the internet?

    Seems some people need to loosin up, "WOOOSA WOOOSA" rub your ears and breathe deep. :LOL: :LOL: 8)
  10. another one busted for lanesplitting, what's the world coming to... soon they'll be booking us for not burning enough fossil fuels per commute.

    anyway, thanks for sharing the story... since it wasn't posted under the 'I'm about to tell you something and I expect understanding and sympathy in return' section, I won't harass you. :)

    yeah you'll probably get a bunch of tickets in the mail... from what I hear bike cops are a bit more understanding of their own kind so it's a bit of bad luck - whats more you probably split past a drunk driver, a wanted armed robber and about 4 unregistered cars :LOL:
  11. Dan wrote

    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  12. Oh yes it is...

    I recall hearing that the law in WA (when I still lived there) was that if the traffic was BELOW walking pace (ie: 8kph), then bikes can split legally. Obviously thats either wrong or out of date.

    BTW - where the heck were you at 11am in WA that was blocked up by traffic? The ONLY time I've seen it like that (at that time of day) was on West Coast Highway, just south of Scarbs, when they decided to do a midday RBT stop. Backed up traffic for 3km.

  13. Hey man, i am pretty loose already, i just cant understand why you didn't think ahead! :?
    I have ridden whilst suspended, ridden a 750 on a P-plate for six months and have done lane-split commuting in three states (amongst other naughtiness). None of what you said is shocking to me or that bad. :wink:
    However, IMO if you are going to ride while you aren't within the law, be smart about it, use your noggin!! And if you see police up ahead for god's sake switch lanes!!!! :D hehe
  14. Yeah folks, I don't think this is a moralising issue, just a good yarn. Let's lighten up a bit, HUH? Having said that, my understanding is that in NSW if you can't provide your licence on demand, the plod can book you for that, let alone what they pulled you up for! Lucky lad!