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Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Zim, Jun 5, 2011.

  1. To the rider who low side off the PIT side of the Old Rd about an hour ago,tough luck for you but very lucky you missed my mates wife coming the other way up the hill as you slide across the road directly in front of her.She has just got off her Ps so as I said very lucky she missed you,Mate pushing that hard in the twilight and leaving zero percent safety margin and thats what happens,especaly going downhill

  2. ???????

    Can someone translate please?
  3. You spelled too wrong.
    If I understand the post correctly, some rider had a low side and went sliding down the road, narrowly avoiding the OP's friend's wife who had just got off her Ps. He also made a comment about pushing the limits and leaving no safety buffer, while adding that it's additionally dangerous to do it downhill.
  4. Thanks ;)
  5. why didn't she stop and tell him herself
  6. Impressive comprehension skills,it used to be very regular,running wide on the Old Rd and taking out innocent bystanders and this was very close to being another.Great,another spelling Nazi
  7. there seems to be an over abundance of hero riders on that piece of road
  8. and you didn't stop because... why!?!?!?
  9. Can I just give you a piece of advice mate?

    THat is not an appropriate road to go leisure cruising on. Try wiseman's ferry or something. It's trouble when you slower types try to mix it with the go fast crowd, ends in tears. If you want to avoid it, go ride somewhere that doesn't have a well deserved reputation for heroes.

    If you bleat about being allowed to ride there too, stop moaning about the risks. It's the old PAC, get over it. People have been racing there since the F3 was built.
  10. The first I heard of the off was a phone call when I got home,both me and my mate where ahead of the incident,I left before his wife arrived at the top of the hill and told him.
    A passerby also stopped and asked if they knew the bloke and that he was up and walking around and had others assisting him.All I saw or more accurately heard was the bloke flashing past down the hill bouncing off the rev limiter.I was fully occupied doing my thing in the opposite direction.What I am trying to get across is crashing is to be avoided
    and the way you attempt to achieve this is by holding back the 100% balls to the wall cornering approach,especially in the twilight.In the last couple of weekends I have been up there later in the day coming home from big rides and it defiantly gets way more serious late in the day,maybe some think the boys in blue knock off after 4.00pm.Not according to the blue commodore down the road at Cowan.O really,I am 54 and have been riding up there for 30 plus years
  11. Why do you think people go to these roads? The posts in this thread seem to answer that question. Isn't it reasonable to say, then, that if you know a certain place has a certain reputation, and you knowingly go there, it's silly to complain about the things that give it it's reputation?
  12. Is it too much to ask that people stop crashing?

    I don't think so.
  13. Boy's will always think they can fly.
    Smoking kills we know that. Drink drive and you will get caught. Swim at dawn and dusk and a good chance you will be eaten.
    50,000 years of evolution and we still kill ourselves and each other in so many ways.
    I think trying to change man overnight is a big ask. Even in a week, a month a year.....
  14. Well I expect you are aware of it being a race track. For god's sake people used to run track bikes in race glass on the downhill from Cowan, it isn't p plate territory.

    Although it has gotten duller in the last few years.
  15. Take this attitude and shove it sideways up your clacker!

    People go to this road because it's a good riding road, it doesn't mean anyone has to accept being wiped out, having a loved one wiped out, or people generally being feckwits.

    Everyone has a right to their own ride, including people who want to do 300kph, right up until the point they endanger others.

    Saying "Well don't ride there then." and suggesting riders rob themselves of a nice ride and some good places to socialise with other riders is behaviour that should have been left in the school yard.

    Go on, break out a beige comment...
  16. You're well wrong there old mate, not all P-platers are created equal.

    As for anybody thinking it's OK to bin it on the road, it's fuckin' not.
  17. My point about her being just off her Ps,BTW she is 50 and has been riding for maybe a year,is she managed to successfully countersteer around the sliding bike and rider mid corner in the twilight and didn't bin it herself.And she was cranking it herself,second ride of a 696 Monster.Thats at the end of a full Putty run that day,big rap for her skills.We all F up but there are ways to manage F ups,it does no one any good to come off,brings the wrong attention to our pastime.All it takes is the realisation that keeping some margin of for want of a better term safety up your sleeve.I push on a bit and a couple of weeks back got passed over on the Gosford end,both blokes were very quick but they were ending corners right on the white line next to the broken edge of the road at maximum lean,way to close to the actual edge for me.Don't know what else to add,I hope they can keep doing it as long as I have been and not have a big one.
  18. heard of a space bar?
  19. Space bar,,,get it .... haw haw haw