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To chop or not to chop...

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by NightStar, Jan 12, 2013.

  1. #1 NightStar, Jan 12, 2013
    Last edited: Jan 12, 2013
    I'm trying to decide on whether to get my hair cut short or not. I have medium length fair hair, past my shoulders and its spiral curly. Fine until l wear a helmet and then it's flat on top (not a good look). :overreact:So l spend 40 minutes straightening my hair everyday, so, when l take my helmet off, even if its flat on top, it's straight on the bottom half too. It just takes so long to do and poses a second problem; if l straighten my hair and get caught in the rain, when l take my helmet off, the tops flat and straight and the bottoms frizzy wild curls! My current solution is straighten hair (time consuming) and carry a cap just in case. Is it time though to chop the locks. This idea scares me. Would have to be the good haircut. Don't want to look like l bat for the other team lol! This is what started me thinking:

    image. image.

  2. cut the hair....DO ITTTTT....Then post pictures.
  3. You should never chop mid corner.
  4. OMG yes or no...

  5. Miley Cyrus looks like an ugly lesbian with that hair cut. I mean, she's ugly anyway, but she looks like a lesbian now, too.
    If you want to look like that, you may need to take the above into consideration.
  6. If l follow the line though l should be right?!...
  7. This is what lm afraid of; that l won't look trendy, l'll look like l bat for the other team lol!
  8. Should be.
    Will your helmet fit if you cut your hair?
  9. :eek: you don't ride a Ducati ... so why are you worrying what you look like :bolt:

    addit... my hair is waist length, straight as, and lives in a plait... that seems to solve most of the problems.
  10. Good point, my old shoei would, but my xr1100 will be too loose...!
  11. The short cut pic you posted is something similar to how my daughter had her hair cut a couple of years ago. She has very wavy hair, not unlike yours, and she had to use a straigthen to get it to look good. Needless to say she started growing her hair again rather than keep the cut.

    Unless you are going to have it chemically staightened at the same time, I would be careful about anything that you will have to do too much to.

    As you know, mine is short. When it was long couldn't be bothered with blow waving etc every day so would wear it tied back or up so I didn't have to. Decided it was just easier to keep it short.

    You could always give it a go, that cut would look good on you & hair will grow back if you don't like it.
  13. Tying it back gives me a head ache. I'm trying to avoid something that requires too much work; straightening definitely does because of the length. Maybe l just need to find the right cut. Rather like Mylies new cut... And you know what my hairs like HB...
  14. The advantage with the Mylie cut is with the undercut bits, there wouldn't be too much to straighten. Don't know how it would look after the helmet though.
  15. Short hair is often more work than long hair. Just carry some kind of decent product in your bag and scrunch is back up to your natural curl once you get off your bike.

    I think this is the first hair advice thread I've seen on netrider. Its changed a bit the last few months hahaha
  16. Yes, who knows. Just a thought though, Would have to make sure my straighteners went everywhere. Imagine swimming and having that cut not dried straight?? Could be ugly lol! Bit more research required. On the upside, my helmet would be a size smaller... Lol
  18. I meant leave it long and curly and just use product to fix it after a ride
  19. Surely others have helmet hair. It's a shocker. Yes l care what l look like if l have to go into work or walk around with it. Just trying to find a reasonable solution. You're right Aly, some short haircuts can be work. Ok, time to research, but if you have some good tips, ld be happy to hear them
  20. Chop it!

    Plenty of hot girls around with short hair that do not bat for the other team.