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To chop, or not to chop, that is the question...

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' started by Dionikon, Feb 15, 2011.

  1. So I'm off my L's now, and I'm keen to pretty up my Monster a bit.

    First on my list is that daggy tail piece, but how far to go?

    I could do this:

    Which is completely reversible by simply removing the new piece and putting the original back on.

    Or I could chop it:

    Or get really serious and go all stealthy:
    Which really is just asking for trouble if you ask me. ;)

    The chop is definitely the preferred option cosmetically, but clearly it is not legal, and since it requires cutting pieces of the frame off undoing it would be painful.

    So the question is, how brave should I be? Is it worth the risk just for the sake of aesthetics? Or should I stop being so vane and just leave it the hell alone?
  2. F*k the law. That thing is hell ugly. Get rid of it pronto.
    I dont know if its actually part of the frame so to speak...Its plastic, your frame is not plastic.
    They would be on the bike in australia due to ADR rules.
    Nothing structural there my friend.

    Might just be a few bolts holding it on but you will need to get to the back of it.

    Do not mount the plate like you did in that link. You are asking for trouble....
  3. - Put new LED indicators down low somewhere (maybe off the rear wheel hub nuts)

    - get rid of the tail, rear fender and seat

    - and fit a bobber saddle seat on there with a retro brake light under it!

    (Or perhaps don't listen to the ravings of the maduncle).
  4. Don't know where you're from but copy that link, and in VIC you'll be pulled over by the first cop car that sees it.
    Your other versions would most likely end up with the same result.

    Suppose your decision will be based on what's more important, the look of a part of your bike you can't see while you're riding, more motorcyle riding with less harrasment by the plod and less time wasted taking your bike in to get checked for defects....
  5. There is actually 2 tubes from the frame that extend almost all the way to the end of the piece of plastic behind the seat. They are certainly not structural but it is definitely frame, and definitely metal. ;)

    Certainly wont be using the stealth option, adding that link in was purely a joke. ;)
    The piece that drops down is just plastic and can easily be removed, and replaced if needed.

    I'm from Victoria Joe, as a matter of fact I was on the ride on Sunday. I'd be the guy with the monster.
  6. Hehe ok i'm wrong then. However...If they are metal, your options at re-attaching if defected (Highly unlikely - I have been pulled over many times and never had anything said about my fender), or when selling (when you need a rwc) may be a little harder. Unless you can mod the fender to bolt back on if required.

    My R6 needed a roadie the other day as I didn't transfer the reg, and I had to re-fit the fender. Its very easy on the r6 however...so it aint no thang.

    The ADR's for the fender is plain stupid in my opinion. Our bikes look stupid with the big fenders, and I would most definitely chop one every time given the choice (out of all 3 of my bikes, they have been CHOP CHOP CHOPPED).
    Each to his own though brother.
  7. Go the chop! Seriously, I've just recently done mine and it looks so much better it's not funny.
    I use the monster tail chop for Ty and his service was fast and the bracket is a perfect fit...and half the price of other brands.
    Don't bother with changing the indicators, they sit much further in than factory and look fine. The rear looks so clean, it'd pass as factory to Mr average plod.

  8. That is certainly the way to go - it does look 'factory' to me and improves the rear end immensely. Honestly, if I could afford one of these fine machines I would to that to it.
  9. Chop Sticks anyone? Chop Sui? Choppety chop chop!
  10. Dunno about you mate, but ive been pulled over twice with a fender eliminator in metro Melbourne and they had NO idea. Not a word was said about the bike itself.

    Some of us here actually take pride in the appearance of our bikes, whether we can 'see' it or not. I wouldn't buy a car with a shitty arse end, i can't see it but i still wouldn't buy it. Fender eliminators look shit 95% of the time and should be chopped. If you get defected, put it back on, get it cleared and take it off again.

    I got defected once, on Reefton spur which is no surprise as they purposely book bikes for these kind of infrigements. To think the majority of metro cops know what the ADR's are is just being plain paranoid.

    Get rid of that ugly thing!