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To Carbonize Or Not To Carbonize

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Respi, Sep 26, 2008.

  1. I’d like some feedback for my beloved bike for those willing.

    The scenario was I was initially to get the radiator guard carbonized and then the CF maker e-mailed me some other pics (kind of the equivalent of a – would you like fries with that sir†line)

    Here was my initial idea. (Radiator guard only)
    Here's one which has been done head to toe, but I’m just not sure if it's too much or not?

    I want my bike to be "sik" but not "fully sik bro" if you know what I mean.

  2. I think if you are going to have that much carbon then you need to break it up a bit with pattern weave of maybe alloy carbon. Luv the look of alloy carbon.
  3. holy freaking carbon batman!
    thats a bit OTT if you ask me....
    the rad guard would look good but i think.
  4. thats way too fully sick bro.
    i think bits like guards,mirrors,small pieces etc. are cool but main bits like fairing/tank is over the top.
  5. Do what makes you happy.
  6. I agree with the other guys, too much carbon looks a bit ott. Nice bike by the way :cool:
  7. any carbon on a roadbike, or any bike that isn't pushed so hard that it actually *needs* the weight reduction, looks retarded. congrats, you just joined the bike version of unpainted cf integra bonnets :shock:
  8. I saw a GSXR with just this done, I thought it had gone sliding from a distance.

    My first thoughts were, that's a fair bit of road rash. I went upto it to further inspect and all became clear.

    I personally find it a bit ricey, but I'm not the one looking at it everyday.
  9. Dont forget MOMO wheels, steering wheels, seats, door sills, gear knob etc. etc.

    Just playin :wink:
  10. make it fooly sik Habib :cool:
  11. chuck in an Ipod dock, and neons and its a 2 wheel Skyline!

    Do what you feel is right for you. If your doing it for everyone else's sake... then I think you need to rethink the fact that it is your bike, and everyone else can get stuffed.

    Either way I like both pictures, but I wouldn't do it to my bike.
  12. How much of a thief target would this much 'bling' make the bike, though??
  13. Do whatever gets you excited Repsi.

    You the one who's gotta live with it, so better to go by whatever your
    tastes are rather than asking strangers what they like on your bike [​IMG]

    If you want you bike to be 'sik' but not fully 'sik', you only have to
    remember that too much of anything whether it be chrome, carbon or
    lighting is a no-no.

    Upload some pix when ya done [​IMG]
  14. personally i think the carbon tank and most of the rest looks awesome with the red frame andthe rest of the colour scheme, but the radiator guard looks shithouse in the pic, it may be the angle though. not the fact it's carbon fibre, just what it looks like/shape etc.

    and yeah what paul said, i reckon you'd want some good security for the bike too lol.

    pics when you're done, for sure :grin:
  15. Don't just worry about security.

    You gotta also cater for those pricks who'd prefer to scratch the bike
    like f*ck when they can see its one thats had plenty of work done on
    Security won't be of much help there [​IMG]
  16. When I were a lad, we'd spend hours decarbonising our sport 2 strokes. Now you want to put it all back on?
  17. s'okay.
    Respi has a carbon fibre rottweiler too.