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To buy this bike or not?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Chappo98, Jul 2, 2015.

  1. hi all, first post here, not sure if right forum but I'm trying my best :) Im just about to get my L's for my bike and have been looking around for ZXR250s or CBR250RRs, I recently just found a ZXR for $1,000. Cheap as chips for what I've been looking at. It has 29000 kms. Yet, it has some scratches on the fairings, which doesn't bother me too much as I was looking at getting new fairings anyways. And it has apparently been sitting for two years! Says it needs a service also. I know because it's been sitting so long it's usually a definite no. But for $1000 im not sure if I want to pass it up or not. What if I can get it back to how it was previously for less than $3000 total cost is what I'm thinking.. So what's your thoughts? To buy this bike or to buy one that is ready to go? Thanks :)

  2. This is a better place for your post. It's ok, we've done away with the death penalty on Netrider, for newcomers anyway.
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  3. There's a reason it's only 1000,00 because I guarantee it's got problems.!

    It's a grey import also!
  4. All good cheers, and thankyou for sparing my life, I am forever grateful
  5. Yeah that's what I thought like, $1000 is too good to be true but I'm just tossing whether it'd be cheaper to fix or buy a ready to go bike :p
  6. You may get lucky with it , but highly doubt it mate.
    It screams money pit to me !

    Your better off just saving a bit more and buying a better bike .
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  7. Yeah definately haha, cheers for the second opinion :)
  8. 29000 is qlmost certainly not true. That applies for any of the models you listed.

    If you can work on it yourself. Offer them $500. If you cant just buy a zzr or a vtr
  9. Once you are up around $3,000 ish you will find quite reasonable condition Kawasaki Ninja 250's, Honda CB250R's, Hyosung GT250 and slightly older GT650's, Suzuki GS500's, etc.
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  10. Ahh I see, I could do that, but I was just thinking about all the blueslip etc etc so I'm probably not going to go it, might look more into it though. :)
  11. Yeah I have looked at those bikes but my heart is set on the older 4cyl 250s (ZXR250, CBR250RR, FZR250 etc.) just want more of that bigger leant over feel and more power too. I've been racing motocross for about 11 years now and I've ridden a ninja 250 before and while it still is amazing fun, I feel ill get bored of it too quickly, if I could I would get a RVF400 but most of the ones I see are a bit out of my price range, and while I could wait a bit longer to get an RVF I just want to hop on my bike asap haha
  12. I agree with everybody else. Just save up for a better offer. They come around quick. Also, I wouldn't recommend buying new fairing just yet even if it does have a few scratches on it. You're very likely going to be dropping your first bike as I and countless others of us have.
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  13. If you are after a cheap 4 cylinder 250 with balls, the Suzuki Across goes for cheap given it's less boy racer looking.
  14. If you don't mind the naked route, they are very versatile bikes that you can do almost anything on them eg. touring, commuting, twisting. If you want a bit of power for a good price, I recommend the Suzuki GS500. Otherwise, like my good friend says, he recommends the Honda VTR250.
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  15. Yeah true, if I'm going for one of those bikes I'll save up for one that's ready to go haha
  16. I have looked at those but honestly do not like the look as much.. Sadly, in the back of my mind I always want to look good haha. My motocross gear is bright blue and pink actually, bit out there but that's what I like haha.
  17. A short while ago I actually was looking at the GS500, and was thinking about getting one, I do enjoy a naked bike of it doesn't look too bad, and I was also really caught by the 500cc's but don't have much knowledge on them or the VTR sadly. If they are what I'm looking for, I'll have a look definately.. As I kindof stated before, I am looking for something more powerful than today's ninja 250s etc :p if I had the money I would go for a MT-07 any day if that helps haha
  18. Yep, it's why the across sell for less!

    Are you set on a fairing? Honda Spada's go cheap, it's a Vtwin, almost the same motor at the VTR 250, just a little more top end, and 6 gears.
  19. The MT-07 is my next bike. I would of recommended that to you but your budget wasn't quite up there. I'm glad I didn't sell my bike just yet because they just announced last week that the MT-07 will come with ABS sometime later on so I'm gonna wait patiently for that feature. I personally never tried a Ninja 250/300 but I'm pretty sure that the GS500 will beat a ninja by a feather. Nonetheless, it all comes down to you. Go with your gut.
  20. It will be $2000 just to get it running and rwc if you cant do the work.

    Then you need to rego it

    Then you have a rashed up twenty year old grey import.
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