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To Buy or Not to Buy: '02 XVS650 Classic

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Geoffrius, Aug 23, 2011.

  1. Hi All,

    I really like the cruiser style and want to start off on the right foot (get something that will last beyond my 12 month LAMS apprenticeship).

    I've come across an 02 XVS650 Classic with 33,000k's for approx $6k at a local dealership here in Brisbane. It seems in pretty good nick.

    My main questions:
    • Is a 9yr old bike too old?
    • As a beginner - should I look at a lighter, sports bike? (I'm shortish & 120kg's tho)
    • Is $6k even a reasonable price for a bike this old / with this many k's?
    I'm also considering a Honda VT400 ($8k) with less k's (1600km's) as well but from what I've read - these lack power on highways for overtaking etc.

    What do you guys reckon?


  2. There should be no problems with age/km's. They are a well built bike from what I've heard, and plenty of people have gotten them (lots on the forums here) as their first bike. I like them too. Ask for a test ride and see how you go from there.
  3. Buddy, Nightawk is selling hers for a little over $7k, only 10500 kms on it, mnit condition, worth flying down and riding home !!
  4. Im selling mine too but its too far a ride for a new rider. I got it on my L's and did the test on it. Its a beautiful bike and pretty simple = pretty reliable. The price hasnt gone down for this because its pretty much stayed the same since it started rolling off the line. Its low seat height means that you can pretty much flat foot it everywhere, I find this easier to move around than my other 126kg bike.

    Its a great bike but you have to make sure youre after and happy for a comfy cruiser style riding. This I didnt do and has pretty much stopped riding it.
  5. Goddie - would love to do a long ride - but don't think I'm quite up for that yet! Starting off around the neighbourhood and the training route I did with Q-Ride will be enough for me to begin and go from there :)

    AznCruiser - did you test ride before you went down the cruiser path? And (if I may ask) what bike are you looking to swap over to from the XVS650? I was also contemplating a CB400.


  6. I was in the same path as u are 3 mths ago, decide to get cb400 at the end because I wasn't sure if I can pick up the bike if I drop it and I did the Qride on cb250 (some experience on naked bike non on cruisers), so my thot was to get used to the 2 wheel world first n later when I am off restrict licence then go for the cruisers with higher power. But saying that I now love the riding feel on the naked bike not too sure anymore if I am still into the cruisers. Just have to wait till upgrade time I guess lol

    Street Triple;CB750;vxs650 custom

    My toys list n my 2c

  7. Nope no test rides, saw the ad, gathered up the cash, went there with a friend and he drove it to see if it drove well, he checked it (my friends Dad who works for Yamaha helped us check for the susual flaws and issues over the phone), I paid in cash, and my friend rode it to my place..........needless to say my parents were pissed as soon as they saw me wheeling in the bike :). This was exactly a week after I got my L's..............

    I bought the bike because 1) it was a Yamaha and my usual group all ride Yamahas 2) I loved the look of it 3) loved the reviews 4) comfortable and low to the ground 5) stand out from the typical Asian sportsbike rider 6) has plenty of torque 7) its white and shiny chrome all over. The only other bike I looked at at that time was a Hyosung GV650 (another cruiser) but missed out because someone else bought the bike from the showroom 20 minutes before me.................

    If you know you like to go the cruiser route then go for it, if your unsure then its probably best to go a middle or the road route, so somthing sporty but not too racerish...............

    I bought an Aprilia RS 125 which is a total opposite ride wise to the XVS650 and now enjoy it far more. Id even put up with its uncomfortable and punishing ride (long rides). As for what id like to swap the cruiser, well im looking at Triumph Daytona 675 right now.................

    Another word of advise is to do long test rides to see what you like before buying. Ive always been rather impulsive and normally buy stuff on the spur of the moment...................