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to buy new or 2nd hand?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by mugget, Oct 22, 2006.

  1. well this is the choice i'm facing...

    i had originally planned on spending $10k on a 2nd hand bike, GSXR600, and saving $3k for gear. i wanted some decent gear.

    but now my Dad has decided to buy new - '06 model Z750 (a mate just got one for what i'd call call a pretty darn good price). but now i've seen these "M2R" two piece suit for ~$860, I guess i don't really need to spend so much on gear. so i'm wondering if I should buy some more 'cost effective' gear and have more to spend on a new bike? especially since we're buying two bikes at once, I'm thinking of a new 636 (just so both bikes are from the same Kwaka dealer, and hopefully get a good discount on both).

    but i'm thinking - is it really worth it? I mean there's also an '04 ZX-6R there with only ~2,000Km's on it... but i'm also thinking of bike's value a few years down the track when it comes time to sell & upgrade...

    i think insurance will be pretty much the same between '04 and '06 models (but i am checking this out right now) so the only difference between new is that you know exactly what's happened to it, and i guess the tech is alot better? i'm not really too worried about what's been done to the bike, since i'll prolly only have it for a few years, and only riding on w'ends won't clock up too many Km's. but I have rode the '04 model and it seems like a good bike.

    I'm looking to spend $13k, incl. on roads and including most gear (I could stretch the budget for a little bit more perhaps), and this would be an '06 ZX-6R, new. you guys think it's possible? I'm starting to think so now, especially after my mate got this Z750 for the price he did.

    well what would you guys do? new with some more cost effective gear, or used with better gear?

    i guess there's nothing like owning/riding a new bike... :grin:
  2. I'd be looking for a bike 1-3 years old. See if you can find one with a decent set of pipes on it as well. You will save a good amount of $'s and should still end up with a great bike.
  3. New bikes are for mugs. What's latest and greatest today is old and busted in 6 months, and they depreciate like crazy. Last year's model, or a couple years old, are still awesome machines and often colse to brand new if they've been cared for.

    Get a secondhander, in good nick, with the mods you'd like (exhaust for starters) - check it out thoroughly and save yourself a fcuken packet.

    Buy a pristine new bike and all you do is spend all day shitting yourself about it possibly getting a scratch.
  4. Loz I'd agree with that for sports bikes (and to a lesser extent sports/touring bikes), but lots of touring or cruiser or naked bikes don't depreciate like that :)
  5. The SP1 was $21,000 on road.
    $1860 for a full set of yoshis
    $750 for a power commander
    $80 carbon fibre tank pad
    $30 head light protectors

    sold it 3 years later for $11,000 :(
  6. Cars & bikes depreciate significantly as soon as you ride them off the show room floor.

    I'm aiming for a bike a few years old :)
  7. new if you have money to burn. for us working people second hand all the way, you can save shitloads buying a good secondhand bike
  8. but vic you're not telling me that you regret having that bike new are you? ;)

    well i guess i probably would be better off going 2nd hand... i think the deciding factor will be how much i can get an '06 model for. if it's the right price i don't know if i can resist.

    plus, i like the underseat exhaust of the 6R. :grin: (which the '04 model doesn't have. not sure if the '05 had that? but they don't have any anyway...)
  9. When it's come to cars and bike's I've always looked secondhand because of the huge depreciation, but it's difficult to find some late model bikes secondhand.

    I've been looking for a secondhand >2005 Speed Triple...seems they're rare as hens teeth.

    Not that this is an issue in your case.
  10. Removed double post (browser returned a timed out error, didn't realise post had been successful. Sorry :oops: )
  11. There are plenty of 05/06 model 6Rs for sale at the moment....
  12. well if you wait for a bit and look around religiously, you are bound to get a good bike. i got my 02 gixxer with 25 thousand ks on it for 7 grand with a yoshi slip on. there are bikes out there. just keep looking and youl find an awesome bargain .

    but it all comes down to personal choice as well . if you dream abt the 06 model every night , might as well get it .

    btw a word about the gear. you are meant to change your helmet every 2 years apparently . so if you spend a grand on it thats a grand you are throwing away every 2 years.
    look around for leathers as well. they last you for life so you can splurge on them a bit. although a bit of hunting around and youll find an awesome deal on leathers as well
  13. yes the 05 636 dose come with undertail exhaust.i paid $14700 brand new for my 05 and i sold for $13000 15 months later.you lose money on anything brand new.i say buy what ever your comfy on.
  14. Nope, not for a second. It was awesome.

    I was simply pointing out how much money I lost on that bike.

    I had my babyblade (official import) for exactly 2 years, paid $10,000 got $8,000 as a trade in. Losing on 2K in 2 years, ya gotta be happy with that.

    I had my ZX6R for exactly 2 years, paid $11,500 sold it for $8,900, only lost $2,500.

    $2-$2,500 is a fair price to pay for the use of a bike for 2 years.

    The amount I lost on the SP1 was unfair, but hey, you get that ;)
  15. Well when you look at that it's costing $28.00per week in depreciation which sounds about right, hey if you can afford it go for it
  16. Biggest advantage to buying new is that you the bikes entire history - and that its been run in properly. This is important if you plan on keeping the bike a long time and/or doing a lot of kms (in which case the difference in depreciation is all but meaningless). If you only plan on keeping it a few years before moving to something else then buying the 2nd hand bike, and the better quality gear, would definately be the smarter option.
  17. go second hand if you're only going to sell it in a year or two to upgrade to a bigger bike, and then you can spend your money on a bike you'll keep for ages.
  18. Other thing is to pick up a good recent second-hand machine and use the money saved to stick a decent pipe on it and get it dynoed and rejetted etc, Power Commander if needed... But again, if you're only planning to keep it a couple of years, that'd be money you'd virtually be flushing.

    Of course, you could always spend less and save/invest whatever's left (or not borrow as much if that's what you're doing) and have it ready for your longer-term bike in a couple of years...
  19. just wondering... vic how much did you list your bike for? what was the difference in price between what you listed for and what you actaully got for it?

    and yeah you lose money on any motor vehicles, so i guess it's like has been said - if you can afford new and want it, might as well go for it.