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to buy new or 2nd hand?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by mugget, Oct 22, 2006.

  1. well this is the choice i'm facing...

    i had originally planned on spending $10k on a 2nd hand bike, GSXR600, and saving $3k for gear. i wanted some decent gear.

    but now my Dad has decided to buy new - '06 model Z750 (a mate just got one for what i'd call call a pretty darn good price). but now i've seen these "M2R" two piece suit for ~$860, I guess i don't really need to spend so much on gear. so i'm wondering if I should buy some more 'cost effective' gear and have more to spend on a new bike? especially since we're buying two bikes at once, I'm thinking of a new 636 (just so both bikes are from the same Kwaka dealer, and hopefully get a good discount on both).

    but i'm thinking - is it really worth it? I mean there's also an '04 ZX-6R there with only ~2,000Km's on it... but i'm also thinking of bike's value a few years down the track when it comes time to sell & upgrade...

    i think insurance will be pretty much the same between '04 and '06 models (but i am checking this out right now) so the only difference between new is that you know exactly what's happened to it, and i guess the tech is alot better? i'm not really too worried about what's been done to the bike, since i'll prolly only have it for a few years, and only riding on w'ends won't clock up too many Km's. but I have rode the '04 model and it seems like a good bike.

    I'm looking to spend $13k, incl. on roads and including most gear (I could stretch the budget for a little bit more perhaps), and this would be an '06 ZX-6R, new. you guys think it's possible? I'm starting to think so now, especially after my mate got this Z750 for the price he did.

    well what would you guys do? new with some more cost effective gear, or used with better gear?

    i guess there's nothing like owning/riding a new bike... :grin: