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To buy a new bike or not..

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by metanoia, Jun 24, 2016.

  1. See, I've clocked up nearly 50000km on my beemer...

    It's been fun (up until the recent electrical issues, which have since been resolved)... and I've really enjoyed it... and now with its new alternator, it's really going quite nicely.

    But my heart is beguiled by the Triumph 800 XRx - mainly because the seat looks a little lower with a lower seat. (I'm vertically optimised for higher gravity environments (aka short :))). It also looks like it'd suit my preferred sort of riding quite well (i.e. longish trips, with some dirt roads thrown in).

    oh fickle heart!

  2. Just get it
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  3. Yup. What he said. Life's too short....
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  4. See, I'm also too short... which is why I'm looking to buy.... ;)

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  5. yep, just buy the thing. you know you want it and you know we want you to have it. so for our sake please just buy the trumpy.
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  6. chilliman64chilliman64 today the girlfriend asked me when I'm going to buy the Daytona. I said "it's not going to be really comfortable for you babe" and she said "well you're not going to get rid of the other bikes, you can just have the white one for fun". So now I am quite sure this is love :p
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  7. marry that girl but get the Daytona first!
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  8. Hahahahah good call. $100/week into separate savings account and in a few years I'll make the purchase. Unless I take one for a proper test ride, then I'll just dip into the house fund haha
  9. I'm jealous! Where do you find a girlfriend that doesn't get jealous of the bikes!?

    Also, how many bikes is it reasonable to have? Maybe I don't have to ditch my beemer :)

  10. Better to do and ask for forgiveness, than to ask for permission (and be told no)...
  11. She's a keeper mate, hold on to her
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  12. n + 1 is the answer to 'how many bikes is it reasonable to have?'

    where 'n' is the number you already have

    I had a vtx1300, when I started talking about a hayabusa the chillibabe said 'why don't you get one and keep the vtx?' a few weeks later I had a busa.

    I ended up selling the busa. my riding frequency slumped for a while, chillibabe said 'why don't you upgrade your honda to a fatboy, you know you want one?' a few weeks later I had a fatboy in the garage (a m/c fatboy, not a fat boy :rolleyes:) and the honda was gooonnne.

    a couple of months ago I mentioned that I thought I might like a sportier machine but still keep the fattie, chillibabe, the champion that she is said 'why don't you buy a sportsbike?' and the Ape came home with me a few weeks later.

    metanoiametanoia - chillibabe has no sisters, sorry dude
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  13. What meds are you feeding her?
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  14. chilli sausage?
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  15. #15 chilliman64, Jun 24, 2016
    Last edited: Jun 24, 2016
    when only the best will do - I'm sure brother chillibuttonchillibutton will agree that it has magical properties! lol

    she obviously sees that I am quite a good catch and worth appeasing. either that or she is just plain desperate. I prefer to think it's the former.

    though she does have a problem with her eyes and the operation costs $10k, I gave her $15k not to have it and told her our health fund doesn't cover it (she can't read it to find out otherwise)! just kidding of course :rolleyes:
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  16. Damn!

    HAHAHA :)

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  17. I've never owned a new bike. always bought a second hander. One day perhaps butI'm not ready for a new bike financially, but my plan is buy a nice bike and my old one becomes a project. strip it down and street fighter it.