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To buy a Laverda or not

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by East Coast Cruiser, Jan 25, 2015.

  1. Have spotted a mid 90s classic Laverda for sale. Its a Formula 668 with all the goodies and with low Ks. Does anyone have any thoughts or experience on this model Laverda ? I checked some UK forums and they suggest buying a spare motor to keep ANY Laverda running which sounds a bit harsh. The bike is a Zane version.
    Or should I look at the 93 zzr1100D that has also taken my eye ? The Zed looks big and heavy compared to the Formula.

  2. Always had a soft spot for the Laverda marque even since I was a kid and a neighbor had one. I thought it was onr of the most beautiful things I had ever seen and it influenced me towards motorcycles more that anything else. Unfortunately they do have a reputation for unreliability.

    Do you have Classic club registration in Tassie? Victoria's system is if the bike is over 25yo you can get club classic registration for a fraction of the cost and your only limitation is 7000k per year and you have to maintain a log book.

    If you can get that cheaper registration and it ois not going to be your only bike then why not, no direct experience but you need to plan around it being a temperamental Italian. Has it got the Legend/Strike exhaust or the earlier Ghost exhaust?
  3. Mmm,for info join the Zane list on Micapeak.You could also join The Laverda Forum and PM Cosi the Queensland Laverda Club pres.He has a few and knows there foibles.Probably not a good idea to ask on the forum,some have been bitten hard by Zane's.The Zane's have issues,fixable but far from cheap and easy.The 750s are the best of them and are sort after by those that like them.Do a search re posts on the Laverda forum for the full SP.BTW fantastic forum,very funny and knowledgeable I love my older model,1975 3C but would be very weary of a Zane.
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  4. Yes Chris we have SI special interest rego but only after 30 years and only unmodified collectables. This is part of the add " Collectable Italian Laverda motorcycle. 1996 Laverda Formula 668cc vertical twin.
    Marchesini wheels, Brembo brakes, White Power suspension, Carbon fibre - the best of everything." I think the exhaust are Termigoni or something sounding like that. Its done less than 20k and I was thinking of it as a Sunday ride. SI allows 52 days per year down here. I will research a bit more as they seem to be a love it or hate it marque. Given my access to twisty roads it sounds like a good match but I dont want to walk home. My mates got a Ducatti Darmah and that is proving temperamental but a lot of fun. $_20.JPG
  5. There is a hell of a lot of love for the older breganzane Laverdas,lots happening in Queensland at Redax Laverda.Getting close to the centre of the Laverda Universe up there.It just went pearshapped when the Entrepreneurs,eg money grubbers arrived after the family lost control.Hell if your around the Bevel scene might be worth dipping a toe in.Do the research first where I suggested.
  6. Thanks for the heads up ZimZim I need to weigh up the pros and cons and you have given me a few leads - thanks. Bevels are bringing big $ still but they ride really well. I want a classic but don't want to copy my mate although we could have a lot of fun with two matched bikes on our roads. Hmmm -thinking.
  7. I had a 70s 750s. It was love-hate.

    these newer models did have a reputation for having a weak motor. Main or big end bearings from memory.

    Parts will be hard to find.

    Laverda guys are realists. They love their bikes, but are don't kid themselves about the problems. Which is not like other exotic owners.
  8. It depends on how hard you're prepared to look for a bike, how long you're prepared to wait and if you would be prepared to bring a bike in from OS.
    Those later small twins did have a reputation for being a bit fragile. The original Alpino 500 would probably be a better buy.
    Add Moto Morini 500 and Benelli 650 Tornado to the list if you want something mid size exotic.
  9. They have a Big end issue,hard to believe but they were made with the rollers from new at close to full wear specs.Lots have attempted fixes,there seems to be only one.A company in Germany called OCT does an oversize roller conversion.They are a bit of a lottery,same last for a good while and some start knocking very early but most need it done sooner or later .Its a big big shame.
  10. Laverda have traditionally more popular in the UK. So haunt uk forums.
  11. Have been looking at UK forums ibastibast and they suggested putting a spare motor into your parts bin !! Am starting to think another classic might be more reliable and the Laverda is probably not a good investment given its reputation but I do like the style of it. Thanks .
  12. Thanks ZimZim You and the various forums are telling me the same story which is such a shame as they are a great ride apparently (the Formula model). Thanks for the heads up.
  13. Style is wonderful, but, as you say, who wants to walk home? I know it's not anything like a Laverda, but a Yamaha TRX would be a nice 'niche' bike to own, and a lot cheaper to own....
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