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To Beard, or not to Beard.

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by _joel_, Sep 17, 2009.

  1. There are two types of people that go around beardless; boys and women, and I am neither.


    It is very self explanatory.

    So, stop shaving and grow one. Now.
  2. oh, Joel, it's not that simple.

    When I got out of the army, after 7 and a half years of enforced shaving, I let it grow.

    But you know what? It takes more time and effort to keep a beard looking good than it does just to shave each morning. And if you're getting older, a greying beard makes you look even older.
  3. It's not for vanity. It's pure manliness.

    (Or a protest against conforming in the office)

    Either way, BRING BACK THE BEARD!!!
  4. Does it have to be a full facial beard or is it ok to go one of those fancy fashionable items? Does designer stubble qualify as manliness or do you have to look like you swallowed a wombat?
  5. I can't grow a beard so I grow my underarm hair real long and do a "comb over".
  6. Chef, according to beards.org yours is acceptable.
  7. Before my current job I used to only shave about every 3 - 4 months. It was only when my mo started going in the corners of my mouth.

    I grew a big orange beard shave and repeat. Now I am shaving every 2nd day, i have shaved more times in the last month then I have in 4 years. I miss the beard, also blocked alot of helmet wind noice
  8. I constantly look like a homeless man that has rolled in things that shouldn't be spoken of, 1 of the advantages of being a general labourer , no need to shave, maybe i will once a week, maybe it will be 3 weeks between, only when the itching and heat, coupled with a possibility of a undiscovered tribe living in my facial hair is it acceptable to shave
  9. Oh I fogot to mention when it was at it's longest (sexiest) about 6 months without a shave I kept the head of a plastic fork in the chin hair as my beard comb
  10. Tsk tsk Joel. If you want to rebel against the office, a beard is the wrong way.

    I teach you all now how to rebel against office conformity.


  11. The site is funny, therefore I will sacrifice my razor to the bin gods. They will be pleased by my gesture and allow my face to sprout the beard of St Nick himself.
  12. I am already bearded, I have been bearded almost all of the time since I was old enough to grow one.

    I will probably die bearded.

    Beards... good.

    Nuf said. :LOL:
  13. Yeah, what's her name? :p
  14. For you, Joel, whatever you like ;)
  15. I tried. I can't. :( The fact that my father has a full face beard is leading me to question my legitimacy.


    Hippie hair rocks the shit, so I care not.
  16. Fear not, grasshopper. At 21 I was barely able to get more than an eyebrow on my chin, and the best mo I could get looked like extended nose hairs. Some of us develop our beardedness a little later in life.
  17. True. For all the torture of puberty I can't help but feel short changed. lol.

    Makes for excellent jokes, however :D
  18. Only had one since I was 17... for better or worse :LOL:
  19. im growin a nice beard at the mo, going on 2.5 weeks and its pretty long...

    quick trim of the neck line, edges and mo once a week is all it requires....

    Im bringin sexy bearded back


    you naked faces dunno how to act