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To baffle or not to baffle the putty run

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by drewzor, Aug 15, 2008.

  1. As explained before, I'm taking on the putty run to complete the 4th and final review of my CBR125R.

    Without the baffle it sounds good.. loud but not too loud

    What would you suggest
    Baffle in or baffle out

  2. Depends on how much damage you want to do to your engine, I guess :roll:.
  3. right.. explain
  4. I think that you are messing with something that you don't understand.
  5. right... explain
  6. i think we are missing something here guys.

    How about just ride the damn bike?
  7. OK, I'll explain.
    Honda have an R and D section. They spent a lot of time and money, to design a pipe, that allows the engine to run perfectly well, and meet all legal requirements.
    If you think that you know more about it all, than they do, then knock yourself out.
  8. As I thought.. no answers,
    its a 125cc, nothing to do with performance rather what you like.. I like without it but worry police on the putty run will target it
    Back pressure might help the second stroke on 4 stroke engine and maybe pin the valve closed but really allowing escaping gasses exit faster does not damage an engine.. maybe make it run lean but its efi and it will manage.
    Besides this is a forum.. not a online guessing game, if your going to comment like above, make a point of backing it up to further educate either me or another who reads it.. ??

    Also everyone tells me its designed by Asians on a budget not the honda race team...
  9. Can you even exceed the speed limit anywhere on the Putty by more than 10km/h on your bike? :) I don't think you'll have a problem with the noise mate.
  10. speed wont be a problem obviously.. maybe for you guys trying to pass me ..

    I heard the police target loud systems, it not that loud but I prefer the note it makes..

    I was hoping to hear from people who have ridden this road who have experienced police interested in defecting exhaust system?
  11. I really doubt the 125 will be louder than permitted anyway...and no, I've never heard of anyone getting done for noise pollution on the Putty. I did see a girl on a weeBR get busted once, for crossing double lines past an unmarked car. Poor thing wasn't even speeding.
  12. If the Police are patrolling the Putty on the weekend, then they could well pull you over, exhaust or not...

    On the other hand, if the bike is noisy you might get booked before you GET to the Putty, or at least, you should.
  13. ok, there would be no other reason for me to be pulled over other then excessive noise and like i explained its really no worse then a loud road bike you hear everyday.

    oh and how does having the baffle removed damage the engine as you implied before?
  14. Very small risk it'll be running a little lean if the fuelling doesn't match increased air flow. If you're running it baffle out day to day and have no problems, I wouldn't worry about it.
  15. Why bother asking.
  16. What a tosser.

    Regards, Andrew.
  17. it's a 125. LOL
  18. debaffled 125... can't make THAT much noise can it?
  19. Personally i wouldn't worry bout riding it without a baffle.

    I've removed mine, it runs fine no problems. Having said that it has been on the dyno with powercommander to adjust for the changes.

    I like it noisy as i feel more safe :)

    If i ever pass the cops on the side i upgear it a few times to reduce the noise.

    If it adds to your enjoyment take it out.
  20. #20 drewzor, Aug 16, 2008
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