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to assist your cornering, do you shift your weight by...

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Iffracem, Jul 10, 2007.

  1. rolling on ya bum cheeks?

  2. plonking that butt where it needs to be?

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  3. sliding your cheeks to the inside?

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  4. I'm comfy, and I ain't movin no-where bucko, I'm a clutcher!

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  5. all of the above.. just depends

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  1. In an idle moment, I was contemplating the way I transfer weight when I corner, came to the conclusion that it depends on how I'm riding, and what I'm riding.

    When in a cruisin' sort of mood, I just roll onto the inside cheek, nice and casual, sorta like when you're about to let a ripper fart out.

    When in a bit more "determined" mood (not racing) I tend to "lift and plonk", lifting the butt enough to let me plonk it down on the "inside" of the seat.

    Then there's the track time (all too rare, sadly) where I slide that butt across and hang the inside cheek in the air,

    So, just wondering, are you a slider, a plonker, a roller, or a clutcher (sphincter clutching the seat, and it ain't movin' for nobody)??
  2. Guess the graph is currently on 100% cause i am the only one that has replied so far! :LOL:

    As usual I plonk my butt just where it needs to be! :grin: :p
  3. I'm a "Mike the Bike" rider. No knees out, no clambering all over the seat.

    {That's probably why I'm so S L O W }
  4. [​IMG] (sliding your cheeks to the inside)
  5. Bit of everything. Havent been to a track day yet though :p

    If i feel "determined" like Iffracem, then i tend to just plonk my butt on the inside. If theres a series of twists or heading straight through a round about then ill slide my bottom from one side to the other.
  6. i'm an all of the above too iffracem.
    for pretty much the same reasons too. general commute/cruise it just sits there. When having a more 'spirited' ride then yeah i lift and plonk a little to be a bit more even with my top half thats leaning near my hands.
    But i'm not one to go on. Still need lots of practice at my twisties. no scraping pegs here.
  7. i shift my weight to the outside of the corner with a jump and a twirl. it has helped with my lap times heaps :grin:

    nah, i do whatever it takes to place my balast in the right position for the speed/corner. there is no consistency in the method of my arse-shifting :LOL:
  8. If I'm touring long distances then my bum mostly stays in the same spot because that's the method that uses the least energy and that's important when doing 1000km days but I still drop one or other shoulder and lean the upper body.

    If I'm riding medium distances on twisty cruisy roads them I tend to move so that 1 bum cheek is moved off the side of the seat.

    If I'm doing a track day (which I haven't recently) then I'm normally hanging off as far as possible to the inside of the line to counteract the fact that I've already run out of ground clearence and to go faster I have to hang off more. That isn't such an issue with pure sports bikes, but it is with sports/tourers at track days :LOL:
  9. er... upperbody movement is sufficient for most of us "oversized" riders...

    I occasionally slide on my arse... my bike is beside me! :LOL:
  10. What about lifting a cheek for comfort?
    Am I the only one that ocassionally lifts a cheek to let one rip?

    weight transfer depends on the corner speed & radius of the turn. Hence the need to vary the travel of the said cheeks.
  11. Nah, not the only one..... :grin:
  12. I haven't paid much attention to be honest. I will make an effort to think about my arse more when I am riding :grin:
  13. What about lifting a cheek to fart?

    LOL only joking, I mostly slide by putting pressure on both foot pegs to be able slide to one side or another.
  14. geeze, iffra....i'll never be able to follow you without thinking bout your butt cheeks.....
  15. When i had the 250 i used to corner by more or less just transferring my weight and a teensy bit of counter-steering thrown in to make it happen.

    When i got the 7, i tried the same caper and nearly fell off the side. Unless you steer that sucker, its goin straight and nowhere else.

    Now i just roll a cheek and steer the sucka with the bars, knees stay on the tank though. No racin in the streets for me.
  16. When in a cruisin' sort of mood, I just roll onto the inside cheek, nice and casual, sorta like when you're about to let a ripper fart out.

  17. AW shucks kezza... you know all the right words...

    :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  18. i must be gettin over the flu after all.....

  19. Now THAT I wanna see :cool:
  20. On the road, my arse just plonks and occaisional slide (when I am pretending to be The Doctor. :LOL:

    Your list is predominately for road bikes as there is no releasing ya ar@#se from the restraints of the seat when ya riding a trail bike.................................plus it's a great position to release sumthin' else as well :LOL: :LOL: