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To anyone who wears an RST Rift Leather Pants

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' started by jeff_o, Nov 5, 2011.

  1. Hi All, I've been scouting ebay for the past few days/weeks for an RST Rift Leather Pants. I have the matching jacket so I was specifically targeting for this Rift model pants. I did see some but unfortunately they're in other states so it's impossible for me to try. I wanted to ask if they run true to size? or built bigger? smaller?

    I'm 32inch waist, 175cm tall, and my Rift Textile pants are sized XS! and they fit me ok! I was thinking I should be an S or M but XS fitted me. so not sure about the leather ones if I should be getting EUR48 or EUR50.

    Another problem is local stores don't carry them anymore (discontinued), so I couldn't drop by for a fit.

  2. So i was able to get myself a pair of RST Rift Leather in 32UK (32inch waist). but oh man... it's a big 32 and it's loose on me. felt like 33-34. now need to get rid of this to get a uk30. just an FYI to those who wanted this pants....they run a bit big.
  3. Some of the RST gear varies in sizes between models. I had an Explorer jacket that was a medium, but in the Pro Series I need an XL.
    BTW, where are you located. I'm somewhere between a 32-34 waist and was looking for the Rift leather pants to match my jacket also.

  4. @ jeff_o,

    You still trying to sell those leathers by any chance?