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To Anyone who has been burnt by Sumoto

Discussion in 'Businesses and Service Providers' started by Shad0ww0lf, Dec 1, 2006.

  1. Hi Boys and Girls,
    I come to you in a moment of need, to give you the short story: Got a bike from Sumoto Paid $6,600 (I was silly and thought, you get what you pay for.... How wrong was I) I had lots of trouble at the start, but that’s not what I'm angry about. I left my bike sit for close on 12 months, then wanted to sell it BUT, Fuel had leaked into the Engine and destroyed it... $1600 Later Sumoto had replaced the engine (and given me the wrong eng Number) and the Carbs... LESS than 1 Week later the bike COMPLETELY died and would not turn over... ANOTHER visit to sumoto ANOTHER $400 later they had "FIXED" the problem AND try to charge me for another set of carbs.

    After this I sold the bike in what I thought after all this would be A1 condition. YET not even 24 hours after the people who had brought the bike it stalled on them.... ANOTHER visit to sumoto and 1 week Later they FIXED the problem "again" didn’t give the person the bike until close time...
    And LESS than 24 hours after leaving the shop I get a call from the new owners saying its done it again.

    Now I have all the information to back me up on this BUT before going to consumer affairs I would like to get some more people behind me. If you know someone who has been Bent over by Sumoto Please tell them about me and What I intend to do, the more people behind us the more of an impact it will have.

    EMAIL: benquinn@iinet.net.au ( I will send you any details or provide contacts so we can talk on the phone.)
    :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:
  2. Hey, I bought down a modeling agency and caused it to close :grin:

    I think it's high time Sumoto got a little bit of publicity.

    How about everyone that has been bent over by sumoto email me their stories and lets see if we cant get some results :grin:
  3. Not another one that has been taken for a ride, Vic maybe we should have a Banner advert against Sumoto :LOL:

    Also Shad0ww0lf, do a search on Sumoto and PM a few people for support, that word of Sumoto has been mentioned many times on the site.

    Good luck with your attempt at getting some justice.
  4. Or email the dogs directly sumoto@iprimus.com.au

    Do a google search on "sumoto" or "contact "sumoto" & netrider
    links are always in the top few links.

    Click on any of them & you will read about the pricks who have dudded

    Sumoto must lurve Netrider. :LOL:
  5. lol i went into sumoto to buy the hornee jeans, we did a group buy from them ($40 off? i think).
    Th guy who served us asked how we had heard about them, someone tactfully mentioned there were alot of posts about them, their bikes, and their service.
    the guy said "all good of course!"
    and we said... er... maybe you should look it up sometime... and gave him a card :LOL:
  6. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    I should email em various links to threads asking "WTF is going on? I was about to buy a bike from you guys."
  7. I agree VIC. I was wet behid the ears, so to say when I went hunting for a bike and did not do my research ( I've learnt now) BUT I could not belive the amount of people who have been burnt by sumoto and I think its time for them to be put into the spot light.
  8. On A current affair tonight:
    Crazy japs continue to rip off innocent australians!

    its a good idea dude, good luck with it :)
  9. I need as much help as I can get on this one. So if you even know of someone who has had a bad dealing with sumoto please point them to this form, my email address or post on their behalf with an email address where they can be contacted if need.

    I am only one person but with enough people behind me Things WILL change. I'm not setting out to close Sumoto down, merely change their ways of dealing and if they refuse to change, then maybe..........
  10. I'd start by contacting consumer affairs in your state and seeing what you need in the way of proof/ evidence.
    I have no doubt you'll have lots of horror stories, but whether they've been properly documented or not is another matter.
    Failing that, call a TV station.

    Regards, Andrew.
  11. +1 on that.. I've once called the Dept of Fair Trading and to my surprise, they have already received a lot of complaint about the same company and they are doing something about that...

    I cannot say anything about Sumoto, simply because I own one.. :LOL: I bought a second hand Sumoto bike from this dude and the bike has been running sweet since then ... well, apart from some maintenance items.. no major drama on the bike..

    I don't know about others nor do I know much about bike mechanically.. but I would first look at if there were something which you might have done to cause the problem at the beginning... Did you store your bike properly for the 12 months which you have mentioned... one thing can lead to another.. etc.

    Not trying to put you off... but I am just looking at the case from another angle.
  12. If it helps you any, they charged me for 4 spark plugs when servicing my V-twin (and mentioned it several times) I didn't say anything at the time, I just thought they said it wrong until I got the receipt. and they said that they would replace the steering head bearing for $70 (it's fine according to other mechanic, and they cost $200 minimum to replace) so I think they were bsing.
  13. I wonder if we could organise a bit of a picket out the front of Sumoto on a weekend? Good old fashion protest boards and everyone looking unhappy.

    Might get some publicity? How far could we push it without causing legal problems?
  14. the thing with sumoto is not that they go out of their way to sell dodgy bikes, but rather that they just dont go to any lengths at all to ensure that they're not selling dodgy bikes. they give you a big pitch about how they go over their bikes with a fine tooth comb and then go ahead and just respray it and hope it doesn't come back. then if the bike does come back, they pull out the old BS generator and start cranking out lies and making up bills. i garauntee you that not even half of what they say they're doing is actually being done, they're so full of shit its hard to beleive anyone can get past the smell when they walk in the door :LOL:

    your case however... i dont know, it sounds like you left it sitting for too long. its possible that the problem was misdiagnosed and mistreated, but stuff can definately go wrong if a bike is sitting still for a year. a bit of sediment blocking the overflow in your carbs and your float height set too high can easily see a motor fill with petrol. what damage this alone will do tho i'm not sure on. it might corrode a seal or two, but it shouldn't stuff a motor i'd think. unless you ran it for a bit like that, petrol makes your oil thin as water and wont lubricate for shyte. one thing that seems to be a bit of a trend at sumoto is the willingness to replace parts rather than fix them. they seem to want to tell you that by putting another part out of another dodgy piece of crap into your bike, you'll be iff and running right as rain :?

    $8k and you've learned your lesson i guess huh :wink: its a real pity that more people dont know about the dodgyness there (i had a good mate put a deposit on a bike there, i told him to forfiet the deposit and write it off, it'll be the smartest $400 he ever loses :LOL: ). i'll pass this thread onto someone that got ripped pretty bad by them, he might want to help stick it up them. will be very interested to see if anything happens, good luck with it :grin:
  15. Try and find out where they're operating their workshop from these days. When they ran it over the road from my place, they didn't even have a council permit to operate the business and due to quite a bit of stick from really pissed off residents, eventually moved. The EPA is aware of them them as well, something to do with tipping petrol out into the street when cleaning out fuel tanks.

    Don't forget, Brooklyn Kawasaki get their bikes from the same guys.

    Stuart T