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To anyone that attended WSBK at PI on Sunday.

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by vornar, Mar 1, 2010.

  1. Hey Guys.

    Whilst riding to Phillip Island on Sunday, there were some photographers on the side of the road in the hills leading into San Remo. They looked to be taking shots of all the bikes coming through. They did seem to shoot myself with my daughter on the back.

    I thought nothing of it till i was on the way home, Just on the Melbourne side of San Remo, there was billboard with a message, "To view all your ride photo's, log into www.?????.com.au"

    For the life of me, i cannot remember the website. Has anybody remembered it? I would like to log in and see if there is a decent pic of myself and my daughter.

    Thanks in advance.

  2. Hah! I was going to post this very same question, there was a guy out there Friday as well.
  3. Edit: Okay, real site below...enough Rick Rolling.
  4. I'm pretty sure that is worthy of a permaban
  5. I feel ashamed and a little bit dirty.
  6. lol I was also about to ask the same question. I flew by the sign that I really didn't get much of the info either
    I thought it said www.hddimagetank.com.au but can't seem to find anything on the web resembling this
    I was hoping maybe they were on here and would see this post, can only hope I guess?
  7. hdimagetank.com.au
  8. WTF?? $25 for a shot of you riding up the road????
  9. 404, me not found :(
  10. http://www.hdimagetank.com.au/

    - - - - -
    Photos of Bikes attending the Phillip Island Superbikes uploading over the next two weeks, keep checking back. 01/03/2010
    Photos of motorbike riders who attended the Phillip Island Superbikes this weekend will be uploaded in batches over the next two weeks. We will keep you updated on the progress of the upload via the news. Search for you bike by REGO no or type 'Unknown' into the search and browse through bikes we couldn't identify a REGO for. Contact us with any questions or if you need help finding photos.
    - - - - -

    Given that they shot most bikes from the front, I'd say finding yourself will take some effort.
  11. Good idea to make a few dollars though

    Lets just hope its not that useless fuker from Broadford!!
  12. Funny you say that Cam, I just checked his ltest effort and I really can't believe it. Never seen anything like it.
    I just posted all my images from Broadford Race School to the Preston MCC. I'd like to be there this Saturday but you know....
  13. He lives on the Island, he is a friend of a friend of mine. Goes to all the sporting events around that area, not just the bikes.


  14. I can't find myself on there yet :( hopefully soon.

    is there just 8 pages of wsbk bike traffic on there now?
  15. 10 now mate.
    Im still waiting for mine too but as I didnt get there until after 11 on sunday Im figuring I will be one of the last uploaded. A lot of the ones on there now have camping gear etc which makes me think they are the early arrivers (is that even a word??).