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To all ZZR250 riders

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by MystDmeanr, Jan 28, 2006.

  1. Hi guys and gurls,

    I just need confirmation on what rev does the bike start to reach the power band and when it ends. I want to know this so it may help me became a smoother rider.

    So far i have notice it starts around 7.5krpm and goes flat round 10.5krpm.

    If you have any experience with this let me know, or even if you know of a website with a dyno sheet for the zzr250 would be great too.

    Thanks all
  2. With good intention I search all over google to see if a chart was around - can't find one! If you're really interested in the engine characteristics - just get it dyno'ed I guess...

    BTW - I'm not sure "power band" is a term I would use for that sort of bike..... ;)

    However - knowing this stuff is really just secondary to "feeling" the bike....

  3. A few guys have been talking about doing a dyno test over at www.KSRC-au.com Pop over there and follow it, someone might do your searching for you :LOL:
  4. From memory my 1996 ZZR 250 didn't move untill around 6k, pulled nicely btween 7 and 12k, cruising would be round 7-8, fanging would be round 10-12...but thats only from memory!
  5. that's about right, maybe need to rev a bit higher if a gearchange will put you below powerband.

    just go by how the bike feels :)
  6. Power band refers to the area along the rev range where the engine produces the most power. As a 4stroke his bike's power band will be wider and less dramatically noticable than a 2stroke such as an RGV as well as occuring at lower revs. All engines have a power band so there's nothing wrong with his terminology.
  7. Thanks for the help guys will be lookin into the KSRC site for more infor.
  8. i find that mine starts to move well around 6-7k, then when it gets to 10k the power increases again (a noticeable kick) then flatens our about 12.5k rpm.
  9. yep my one kicks in at about 7grand

    thought there may have been something wrong with it as first coz it's gutless before 7grand, but i guess it's normal from the response of all the other zzr250 owners.
  10. That's the beauty of a twin. You get useable grunt from idle and things start getting interesting from 4.5. :cool:
  11. I have seen a dyno chart before, used to have it bookmarked but cant find it again.

    Its like everyones said. Nothing before 4000, bit of power between 7 and 10, flat at 10-11 then power returns at 12.

    Ive found that if its flat at 5-6 you need to clean the air filter.

    For normal riding keep in the 6-10 range.
    Fast :? , redline it.

    This is a yank GPX-250 site, same engine as zzr.
  12. Arhhhhhhh It feels so good with the Revs high, with the wind and the little G's trying to pull you back of the bike.

    Iam screaming in my helment (full of joy and stuff) as i go plotting down the road.

    Dammm this is the life, untill i upgrade that is... hehehehehe
  13. 8.5 - about 11 is the go zone on mine, depending on the gear of course.
  14. My old '92 didn't like chugging along too much under 3-4K. 7K was hwy speeds if I can remember right (long time ago).

  15. Next time you get your bike tuned take it to a place that does dyno tuning for starters if done right you wont recognise your bike and you will get a chart to hang on your wall :grin: If there is a problem somewere in your bike the dyno will pick it up then the mechanic should sort it out.