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To all you squids...

Discussion in 'Your Near Misses - A Place to Vent' started by Edward VH, Nov 1, 2013.

  1. You know - anyone can ride around on a ninja, and rev the piss out of it in a straight line in first gear, and make a noise with your stupid li'l "sports" cans...

    The million dollar question is, can you turn it into a corner?

    Too many wanking squids.... Talk about "twisting" the wrist.

    End of rant.
  2. Damn I thought this was going to be an ATGATT thread

    carry on
  3. What do you know about shit-nothing by the sound of you.
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  4. No don't give a f.uck about ATGATT in this instance. Sick of f.uckwits around here riding dangerously on the street, only because they wanna make some noise.

    Wish they'd ride off a f.ucking cliff somewhere.

    Peace and order restored.
  5. Would somebody please think of the children!
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  6. Would somebody please think of me and go get me a coffee....
  7. Me too. I could murder a coffee.
  8. I'll have a flat white if you're going. Take the loud bike to the shop, people love it when the engine revs real hard.
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  9. " The million dollar question is, can you turn it into a corner?"

    Nah mate, but I have a good go on the straights. fcuken fang that **** through and jump on the brakes before the next corner - pure adrenaline, mate.

    Betcha you can't keep up with the thou when we hit the straights - faggots go all slow there and only move through the corners (which is totes retarded because bikes don't corner well, only good on straight bits).

    Chill, bro.
  10. Ah no not this shit again!!!
  11. I like to find the quietest street in the suburb and wind it out to 14,000. Better if it's a weeknight rather than weekend.
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  12. The fish aren't biting.
  13. Turning it in is one thing, coming out the other side is something else.

    I'm still waiting for that coffee. I see RAM does a cup mount for bikes, but its a bit hard to drink with a full face helmet. I need a straw!
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  14. I had two cups of 100% Kona coffee.. fresh from Hawaii.. liquid gold..
    mmmmmmmmmm coffeeeeeeeeeee :D
  15. ninja's are the new Squid bike ??? and here I thought it was GSXR or the new GSXR upgrade S1000RR :longnose:
  16. Saying instant is coffee is like saying a scooter is a motorbike. :p
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  17. Who said instant?
    I ground the whole beans and plungered it....mmmm
    (is plungered a word?)

    Instant coffee? :yuck:
  18. is this a coffee thread now?

    I like Italian coffee women and bikes. In no particular order.

    Lavazza is the current daily grind.