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To all the posers out there - hahahaha

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Sir Skuffy, Aug 15, 2008.

  1. Good morning all.

    This is to all those riders out there that:
    - are scared of getting dirty
    - dont like riding in the rain
    - have a winge about rough road surfaces
    - keep blaming their bike when their mates beat them
    - spend more time looking good than riding well....

    This is what riding should be about and how it used to be..... these are our pioneers.






    picture 6

    picture 7

    picture 8

    picture 9

    picture 10

    picture 11
  2. Must be faked photos.


    Harleys not only mobile but airborne.
    Squids with riding ability.
    Riders failing to wear helmets and yet not dead.
    Bikes with less than 300 mm suspension travel being ridden on anything but billiard table smooth bitumen.

    Nah. Noones going to believe that :LOL: .
  3. Thats awesome.
  4. You got the picture order mixed up.
    The last pic is of a WWII experimental motorcycle squad.
    Pics 1 to 7 show those brave men after they've been dropped out of airplanes.
    Pics 8 to 10 show them at the instant before impact with the earth at the training grounds - and that ain't mud they're landing on :(

    Best we forget.
  5. *the great escape musuc starts playing*
  6. I would never buy a press bike :LOL: :LOL:
    Good find Sir Skuffy :wink:
  7. You're right, I could pose so much more effectively if I had a hoverbike.