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To all the mums out there today

Discussion in 'The Pub' at netrider.net.au started by vic, May 13, 2007.

  1. Happy Mothers Day.

    To all the sons and daughters that have forgotten, most servos will have flowers for sale :rofl:

  2. Thanks Vic!

    Yep - Happy Mother's Day to all the Mums out there. :) :)
  3. Took my Mum out to dinner last night and taking her out to brunch today.

    Tell you what though, I'm absolutely craving a blat...wish the Southern Sydney ride went ahead today :p.
  4. Mum's in europe...

    Oooh better send her an SMS!
  5. here i sit listening to my favourite cd (santana) on my brand new stereo system!

    had bbq lunch yesterday (went a bit heywire in the planning cause my mum was too early and i was too late so daughter did major panic....she gets soooo stressed poor thing)

    had to go get my own paper this morning - but have had coffees, breakfast and lunch provided by son.....

    and got to go to my mum's with son today to drop off pressie (which i was meant to get yesterday but didn't :oops: )

    happy mother's day mum's everywhere

    (and really, i love the stereo - but i did soooo want a toolkit for the bike :p )
  6. usual Story here...

    i bought presents....issued to kids to give to their mum.
    I bought cards......issued to kids to write on and give to mum.
    I cooked breaky.........woke kids up to take in to mum.

    I washed the dishes......

    nice day for a ride.
  7. I gave miss nine the order of keying up someone to take me for a ride today.

    She said "Hey mum,why dont you go see the Outlaws"!

    (we live in the same street as the clubhouse):eek:hno:

    Happy mothers day mums.
  8. My mother came to town, had bought her a present and card, gave them to her, she got emotional and loved them. All good.

    However, had to go shopping during the week and buy presents for the ex-wife so that my kids could give her something nice. Damn, that never gets easier. Happy mother's day you cheating low-life biatch, always a pleasure to keep spending money on you. :(
  9. I have done SFA today :grin:
    Got breaky in bed, rang my mum while eating breaky in bed
    As for the kitchen, etc all it takes is a look :LOL:

    Enjoy the rest of the day fellow NR mum's

    & thanks Vic
  10. aaaaaaaaah the lifestyle choices of an idiot - i have 3 mothers to see today, none of them being mine, (trust me she got more than mothers day over the last 2 weeks of moving house and business).