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To all learner rider's.

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by 87crisis, Aug 1, 2012.

  1. i've come to realise that there is alot of spectacular advice on this forum but still feel that there is a side of thing's that is lacking...much like having the sticky threads where everything is explained in black and white....where new member's come online - ask a question...and after more than likely having the piss taken from them & then being handed the answer if there is one that can be offered for said situation

    that's all good...hell it's great - compared to older generation's of rider's not having such a database and help on offer from such a massive network of rider's country wide, where they're only option's were fix it themselves, ask a fellow rider next time they spoke or take it to a mechanic (last option which i've done myself once or twice being kicking the ****ing bike caus it's giving you the shits...but i do not belong to said older generation's as i'm still a youngin')

    but rider's that are up and coming in the sport/lifestyle/awesomeness that is motorcycling (now this isn't ALWAYS the case but still) simply aren't offered the advice that keep a new rider's spirit's up...stop them from giving up what can be one of the most amazing feeling's in life (second only to payday of course)...such as watching countless cars and fellow riders take those small roundabouts with ease when they find themselves in first gear and either bucking the bike from rolling on and off the throttle or being too happy with the brake lever....

    or the rider's (as previously posted about by one of our newer member's who's proactively getting better with riding and confidence) whom find themselves being intimidated by idiotic car drivers whom think simply because your on a bike that you want to drag race their car or they just feel like "hey, let's **** with that prick on the bike"

    do not stress about it guys....you panic...your more likely to **** up...your a learner and even rider's with years of experience will tell you that they don't know it all yet....there are probably countless riders out there with 20 odd years of experience under their belt that have never seen a track or gotten their knee down around a corner...you should always aim to improve your riding whenever possible...

    my point is that i'm sure most would agree with me...that yes it can be frightening...confusing....and frustrating when your learning to ride but i ask you all to take your time with this, we want you all around for the long run folks...

    so if your having trouble with that small roundabout and the advice you've been given doesn't seem to be sinking in with practice - don't stress about it..you'll get there, it just takes time...either find a carpark and visualize a roundabout or find one with near no traffic to practice every chance you can...if you find yourself frustrated with not being able to get it right after awhile...do not spit the dummy and get yourself worked up...walk away from it ....give yourself a few days or aslong as you need to have a break as sometimes you can overthink everything and just need to start fresh to comprehend what your trying to do.

    if that prick is being a asshole trying to drag-race you....ignore him...keep your license, we enjoy playing in the twisties...enjoying the wide open road...not finding out who's got the bigger wang and who gets the bigger fine in court for street racing.....let said car driver speed off and beat you....if he slow's down and tries to intimidate you into racing - slow down...turn into a side-street if need be...just do not involve yourself in what is both dangerous and stupidly illegal....as much as it might be a rare event - you could either say farewell to your bike via impound/damages...or your family could be saying goodbye to you. i'm not saying that you shouldn't drag race because it's illegal
    ...i say this because you are learner's...and as much as you may have the grasp of gear-changes and handling the bike ....i'd be more concerned about your capability of reacting properly in an emergency and to top it off you're playing with 2 tonne's of metal - if said driver ****s up and the car is not under control or about to crash - your in a world of trouble...and for what...? do you win any prizes? will your family think more of you for beating the driver in a race? more to the point... prove yourself the better person - don't stoop to their level...if you want to later on in your riding life when you feel you're more experienced then that is your call.

    now a simple side note on the above subject of car driver's, as i've mentioned above if you find yourself being intimidated by another vehicle be it car, van, ute ....be this them sitting on your ass ...them cutting in your lane when overtaking you...them beeping their horn when you stall your bike at an intersection - Just relax as much as possible ...yes...it can seem like a very full on situation when your at the front of an intersection and you stall it...i've done it a few times...(even worse when you kick it from first to neutral half way through an intersection and have a car up your ass n on his horn.)

    ...just take a breathe and focus on what you need to do... - that car isn't going anywhere...and if it was - you'd probably be on the ground under their bumper by now...not to say that they won't shout abuse and overtake you but they are no longer your problem as they speed off ahead .....what matter's is that you restarted your bike and continued your journey...or had said twat tailgating you become tired of being a ****wit and finally decide to overtake you (failing that of course...turn into a side street...again it's not worth playing around with 2 odd tonne of metal.)

    what i'm trying to get across to you guys/girls here is that as someone who is still learning how to ride (only got my p's by sheer luck i swear lol) is that this place is heaven....Netrider is your one stop shop for information, help, and new friend's to talk with and enjoy the occasional ride with..but please - when your out there struggling with certain aspects of your riding, don't get worked up about it - take your time...even if you find yourself pissing off other road user's...aslong as your doing it safely who cares if the peter brock wannabe has to wait another 30 seconds before he can overtake you...or that the soccermum in her 4wd is beeping her horn...your not the only one...we've all dealt with it...it's intimidating...and frigging scary sometime's when your starting out...if you can't perfect your technique on that roundabout...or swerve the bike to avoid potholes and the likes as much as you'd like...YOU'LL GET THERE...just take your time...work on it...and remember netrider is always here for you ...

    we may come across as patronizing sometimes (including the moderator's - they have a hard job dealing with all the crap on this site...and understandably get frustrated with new user's not posting in the correct section or not searching the forum before they start a thread.) but you've also got to be understanding much like we do towards you....we're at different level's of comprehension when it comes to motorcycle's...so we need to act accordingly - just take any harsh comments from members with a grain of salt if your new around here - you'll get used to all the shit talking eventually and more often than not it's just in jest and not a outright attack on you as a person.....keep in mind that everyone has opinion's...some people have very strong opinion's about certain thing's and a example of this would be - "hey, i really like this hyosung 650gt - what do you guys think" "ITS A SHIT BIKE AND YOUR SHIT FOR WANTING IT" ...why? because alot of people have developed very strong opinion's on hyosung's notoriously bad build quality...dont be thrown off by such thing's...you'll get used to us much like you'll get used to riding...

    well kiddo's...there you have it...a bunch of dribble from a insomniac ....stay safe...look out for your fellow rider's....and be sure to make use of your nod button's in the forum :angel:

    (i really can't be bothered editing...or reading through this again - mods...either delete this or other's can tell me what to touch up or add ...alternatively this thread can simply be ignored.)
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  2. Great post.

    Since getting my bike, I've become far more relaxed driving a car. One of my cages has a low compression engine, lightweight flywheel and button clutch, making it notoriously easy to stall. Getting honked by idiots behind used to bother me however I've just learned to turn on the hazards, restart the engine and the moment the lights go yellow, accelerate hard, leaving them at the red light. Always rewards me with a childish grin :)

    I'm another who has learned more about riding from this site than any other resource out there. I'm still a beginner and have much to learn, like most forums, I just ignore bitchiness and use the high value content. This place certainly isn't equivalent to youtube comments :)

    A part of me reckons you do need to be somewhat mentally tough to not let cage cowards intimidate you. The worst thing you can do is panic - you could drop your bike, stall again, or even worse, go into oncoming traffic...
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  3. Well said crisis.
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  4. Valuable advice there cheers
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  5. Thanks Crisis! Being a month into my riding and having a fall, really did dampen my spirits. But after week of being off the bike, I've hopped on and started slowly learning again. Netrider has been not only a great source of information, but great motivation to continue learning and continue doing this great thing called riding. And it's thanks to all of you guys :)
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  6. Thanks crisis.

    If I didn't find this site, I think I would have chucked it in the first hour on my bike. Lots of reading, lots of advice, and being able to learn from others ,even if its only in text form, makes for a less stressful experience.

    Thanks again bud (and all), it's much appreciated
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  7. Top post 87crisis. With my flame suit on I might add though that some riders can also be guilty of this intimidation which can make you feel even worse, but again don't let it get to you, the same good advice above still applies.

    Also many L platers do have a great command of their bike, but some who are still developing their skills feel the need to do things, most often filter/split, just because they are on a bike. Let me assure you no one cares and getting it wrong hurts, pick your moments and look to improve your riding in steps - you don't have to go balls out from the start.
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  8. I needed this after this morn, I hesitated while turning right into my driveway and the bike fell to the right and broke the front brake lever. Drove to Pro Honda to get the part and it is now fixed, just chilling before setting off to work again.

    I have been so worried about being slow, holding people up, frustrated at my on and off days and inconsistency. If I didn't have this place to vent and get support I would have very nearly given up!
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  9. The only negative thing I'll say is that I have come across more than a few noobs who should be encouraged to GET BACK IN THE CAR.
  10. no. 1 part of riding any bike: DON'T BE A DICK HEAD!
    that alone will prevent 95% of troubles.
    Be mature, sensible, disciplined, don't show off or think you are cool, no you are not casey stoner.

    Respect the machine= ALWAYS take her easy! Trying to give her the berries will just get you in trouble, or a coffin, the more powerful the bike, the more respect. BUT i have even had postie bikes tell me to back off or else, yes a postie can throw you off the back!!!

    You will KNOW when you can go fast, its the same as guitar, you can't just pick it up and rip van halen solos out of your arse, you need years and years of dedication and practise and heartache before you can even begin to try.

    2) You can't teach other road users a lesson= pull over and let them past or avoid them

    3) Offroading has taught me more about riding and bike control than anything else.
    + its the best fun you can have with pants on.

    4) FOCUS FOCUS FOCUS (not on that chick's arse, or what is for dinner)
    if you are riding, focus on riding and ONLY riding!

    That is the great part of it! =In that place, only one moment exists, or will ever exist, it is all that matters, or ever will. a lifetime in a second.

    to use a cliche : There are old riders and bold riders, there are no old bold riders.

    start at the start and it will come with practise, passion and dedication
    with bikes be careful what you wish for, i don't need to say how dangerous it is.

    running from what i have said here, you can see that riding is very much a mindset.
    Make your own mindset, protocol and stick to it
    even casey stoner is only starting to learn how to ride a bike, constantly developing and improving.

    the bike is a tool, that is made to be used in a certain way,
    Just respect the machine. NEVER disrespect it, but at the same time don't be afraid of it either.
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  11. ?????
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  12. Good to see someone, apart from the usual suspects, step up and offer encouragement to those following.
    I'd give you an elephant stamp on the top of your hand, but you'll have to settle for a 'nod' instead. :)
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  13. Do things that make you feel comfortable on the bike.. i have a large circumference gut and shorter than normal legs.. this means that i have to buy pants that are way too long for me in the leg.. this in turn means my knee pads were providing fantastic toe protection and when i pulled my leg up from stopping at the lights it was always uncomfortable..

    Now days.. i get picked on by my wife (and im sure a few others) for the super sexy suspenders/braces i wear to keep my pants up in the right place.. :) do i care?? nope.. my knee pads will be in the right place every time i lift my leg from the ground to the peg :) one less thing to think about as im pulling away from the lights and watching that asshat behind me reacting to the bright yellow dopehead magnet L plate on the back of my bike..

    If it works for you and makes you more comfortable.. Do it.. it doesnt have to look cool or sexy or make you more popular.. it just has to work for you.
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  14. 20110811_Elephant_Stamp450. Lol.
  15. Thanks for the suggestion, just ordered a copy of both. I think Amazon is a better place to look for books that Ebay though.
  16. Great post Crisis, as bikers we are all on the same team so it is only a good thing to encourage your teammates nodded:)