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To 788 Netriders

Discussion in 'Jokes and Humour' started by ibast, Jan 21, 2011.

  1. You lot are sad


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  2. Best forum in the world mate, the sad people are the ones that don't login :D
  3. I suspect ibast means that it's a pretty sad lot who spend Christmas logged in here...

    (and I notice that he's first on the list) :)
  4. Well it was 7pm by which most would have had enough of their families that they needed a break of some sort.....8-[
  5. I think that's todays list, but yes I do believe I may have logged on with a few under the belt that evening.
  6. Show us the full list, I dont remember what I did that night. My excuse is that my computer normally runs 24/7 and sometimes the browser isnt closed :), doesnt mean im on though.
  7. Not my Christmas :)
  8. AWESOME! I made it onto the cool kids list :D

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  9. Was nap time for me by then. Had to drive back to sydney a couple hours later. Now that I think about it had about 4 naps that day.
  10. Im always left out of the cool kids list, where's the quiet, dumb nerd list?

    wake up lilley (wiggles shout)

    Should we be calling you grandma lilley?
  11. How can one be a dumb nerd... is that possible?

    Sounds like an oxymoron to me!
  12. i think you mean contradiction there lc, oxymoron would be a smart n3rd
  13. ya reckon? i never know the difference between nerds and geeks.
  14. Telstra say Christmas Day is their busiest, with people wishing each other the compliments of the Season, Netrider is not alone :LOL: