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Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Caz V1, Apr 21, 2008.

  1. lol, ya never know what people are doing when ya talk to them in MSN

  2. c'mon, we live in a world-without-wires !! :grin:

    When you gotta go, you gotta go !!!
    And read the Poker screen comments !
    . . . i was winning and the tournament table was becoming empty !!!
    hahahah :LOL:
  3. Aha! Not a scruncher, eh?!

  4. hahaha, I never even noticed that :LOL:

    We can also establish that Micky isn't a morning poo's kinda guy :p
  5. geeeez, if its not my gold Kylie like boy-shorts boxers . . . its my nocturnal habits !!!!
  6. Used to play it .... but after a while you get sick of 'shitty' games :p
  7. Do people really still use messenger??!
  8. actually, yes they do. it's fast, free and everybody else uses it, so you don't need a third-party lash up to talk to just one person
  9. . . . . . any Freetel and ICQ veterens here ??? :LOL:
    c'mon, owe up !
  10. ICQ, absolutely - and IRC chat as well
  11. lmao. this thread is crap! ;)

    im an ICQ veteran.. still know my UIN off the top of my head.. sadly enough lol.

    i dont think ive signed in to it in about 4 years though.. does anyone still actually use ICQ?? OMG! UH -OH!! that sounds drove me up the freakin wall!!!
  12. I stopped using it about 4years ago because i kept getting a repetitive message from some chic called Svetlana from the Ural Mountains saying she wants to be my friend. :eek:

    I caught onto it after a while ! :grin:

    damn ruskie mail order bride spamming !!! :rofl:
  13. i like gtalk, it's simple, fast and great!
  14. ARGH! You had to remind me didn't you! :tantrum: :p