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TLR1000 - Streetfighter Project.

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by MotoTraveler, Apr 16, 2012.

  1. It began with a thought of getting a more powerful bike (in the hindsight, I would say more ‘fun’ than ‘power’). I didn’t know what I want. Looked at anything and everything. Took a CBR1000RR for a ride, some back streets and the M4. I didn’t need to go past the second gear on the M4. I wondered where would I use the other 4 gears if not on track? And the riding position. So the litre super sport bikes were out.

    I then looked at the naked, and knew this is what I wanted. So I test rode a post 2006 Yamaha FZ1N – I couldn’t feel anything till the first 3000rpm and I couldn’t hear it. I then test rode Bandit1250 naked, loved it, very easy to ride and punchy. But it was too smooth (don’t know if there’s such a thing), and too nice.

    I then test rode the Honda VTR1000F – loved it too, more because of the twin’s. Good riding position, light and easy to handle. I then knew I wanted a v-twin, loved the feel of them, the vibrations and sound and torque.

    Then came the TLR1000 – I rode one of my mates and fell in love with it. What a machine! And that sound! I was sold straight away, but the issue again was the riding position and it not being naked. He suggested we buy one and turn it in to a streetfighter.

    I loved it so much – I was happy to give it a go. So the project begins with a certain budget and limited variance. A lot of enthusiasm, fair bit of knowledge (not mine, my mate’s :p) and dedication.

    Before we began, there were many reasons for it to fail, more than for it to succeed. But the progress has been made and the belief is only getting stronger. I will have some photos up tonight and regularly update this thread on the progress and roadblocks.

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  2. Nice choice of bike. Can't wait for the pics...
  3. That's how the bike arrived.


    After the initial observation, we decided to start the engine, it unfortunately turned out to be a lemon. The rebuild cost were way higher than the budget and so we had to look for another option. Found this at one of the wreckers in Sydney and picked it up without too much hesitation knowing the very limited options.


    Next thing was to strip down the bike, everything. The frame looks good for its age but needs bit of cleaning. Thought about painting/polishing/anodising... decided to leave it as silver and paint the engine matt black.

  4. Matt black motor with the silver frame will look good. Matt black wheel inners with polished outer rims would look good with that...
  5. look forward to seeing this,
    i like the vtr1000f and am a honda fan... however the tlr1000 seems to fit the bike i want (only an sp1/2 is out of my budget) (suzuki and kawasaki are the two manufacturers i have no inkling of desire torwards there bikes... sorry they just dont attract me - same deal here, in theory its great... but it just doesnt attract me)

    so ill be watching this with intrest for when i upgrade.... though i still want an rd350 (or rz) shame there isnt v-twin 2'strkes (that arent as rare as hens teeth)
  6. That's exactly what I've thought too.
    I might also consider the whole wheel black.. will wait and see how it shapes up.
  7. VTR1000F were great to ride. Although I'd take the SP's over them any day, the price like you said was the deal breaker for me.

    I care more about the specific model/motorbike.. brands are secondary to me. TL - I think has a great personality. The documented flaws it has, only gives it it's character.
  8. Painted the engine matt black after cleaning. Put it in the frame, wired up, tank on and it was alive!! =D>:beer:

    Ran it for a bit, checked for any worrying sound - nothing apart from the beautiful note from low down to high rpm's. Big relief!


    This is how it looks at the moment. The color is fine - few marks here and there but I should be able to get rid of them with a proper shining.


    Handle bars arrived from UK. From Topyokes. Wanted in black and they didnt have one in stock - took an extra week to arrive.

  9. The bars


    The headlight.. without the handlebar they appeared to be smaller and a bit out on shape in relation to the entire bike from a distance. Once I installed the handle bars - they looked great! As the photo below.


    Headlight and handle bars test.. will worry about the wiring later, had to test the look first.


    I am in in the market for the mirrors that will suit the bike. Any suggestions? The bar end ones - can you actually see out of them?

    Also - anyone knows how can I upload better quality images? At the moment I am exporting them to make less than 42kb, then attach them and then insert them. I can only do 3 at a time. It is annoying. I know I could upload them somewhere and then attach the URL. Anyone has any better ideas?
  10. i bought these CRG alloy mirrors from bike gear warehouse. They were $100 each. They are good to see out of and they can fold in for tight spots.
    Their website is www.bikegearwarehouse.com.au

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  12. Also - does anyone know the difference between 520, 525 and 530 chain? I tried to search but didn't find much. I'll try again tomorrow - in the meantime, please let me know if you have an idea.
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  14. yep the size,
    BIG difference in size, its to do with how big the links are, in both length and width......
    if you go into a bike shop and ask to compare then it will become obvious

    im guessin that youve found out how cheap an 520 is compared to the other two....

    well yeah you can do conversions that involve swapping the sprockets, chain and maybe mucking around with spacers.
    for a commuter you may get away with a 520 heavy duty... but if you actually want to ride it then do an 525 conversion, 530 is a bit of overkill and expensive to replace
  15. Yes good bloody choice in bike there. This is gonna be a winner. Feel free to uplaod some sound bites as well.
  16. Thanks mate.

    I learned the standard chain on this bike is 530 'because of the enormous torque'! That's what I am getting.
  17. Cheers mate. I hope too.
  18. Thanks maduncle. I wonder how much of a difference there'll be between this and thirdgear bar end mirrors, the price difference is huge and considering that I am already above budget - think I am gonna give thirdgear a go.
  19. The "documented flaws" really only exist in documents, unless you're riding on a race track which most aren't, and certainly not streetfighters. If you want to spend some cash and improve the handling, replace the shock ($800-1200).

    Wicked bike, but my opinion is heavily biased.
  20. Stick with the 530 chain. Those who use a 520 seem to think it will reduce weight on the bike. Having a dump before a ride will reduce the weight more.

    A clear clutch cover with a red/silver pressure plate would look pretty sweet.