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TLR 1000?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Goose, Mar 19, 2005.

  1. Hoping someone can help me out. Anyone on here ride a TLR 1000 or know anyone whos does? I'm just looking for peoples impressions. I'm wondering if I'm going to hear the phrase "land barge" thrown around :D

    I'm just looking at possibilities for my next bike, which is a long way off, but you know how it is, I can't wait :) . I'll duck my head now for all the "a TLR will be too much for you to handle" replies, but with almost everyone here being more expierienced than me, I'll take them onboard :D

  2. TLR is a nice bike, took one for a spin a couple of years back, go pretty good.

    But if i was gonna get a 1000cc vtwin i'd get an Aprilia RSV mille, they are only a couple of thousand more than the TLR but and they have all the extras that you don't have on the TLR, the suspension and brakes are heaps better, they go harder and look meaner :twisted:
  3. Having owned a TLR (was the bike I had before my current ride). As a bike I loved it. It is as you know a V twin which is a very diff motor in behaviour to most configurations. They have heaps of engine braking, and due to the characteristics of the power delivery (uneven power pulses) you can often get on the gas earlier in a corner than say an inline 4. They seem weird as they dont "scream power" they "thump with torque". The motor is almost identical to ducati's 998 with regards to bore and stroke, but of course have diff valve configs. The TLR motor is almost identical to the TLS/v strom motor other than hotter cams, forged pistons and diff throttle bodies+injectors. With forged pistons the motor takes ages to warm up. Mine have a full yosh race system, as opposed to just slip on cans. When I started mine up in front of the house the windows would shake and rattle at the front of the place. In short on rides, other riders prefered I be at the back :( One last note is to tune these motors it is best to get someone that knows them as they can be tuned, and they can be tuuuunnnnend. When tuned well there are no hiccups in the injection/mapping and the motor is a joy.

    As far as handling is concerned the TLR can handle very well. The main problem is the rear shock, which is called a rotary dampener. It was an attempt by suzuki to try something different and this dampener is largly responsible for the handling woes and bad press the TLR and TLS got from the press. This can be replaced, and was in my case with a modified CBR shock of all things. I had no problems with "head shake" or poor handling at all. Other than the usual wear and tear sorta stuff but that is maintenance. Best advice with this sort of bike is to get someone who knows what they are doing to set up the suspension for you. These style of bikes can be fussy about their set up. If wrong can be a pig of a bike, if right are a handling dream. In my instance (im a short arse at about 5' 6") the riding position was as such that with th amount of reach to the bars I needed risers so I could corner correctly on inclines. It is a sports bike and is designed for sported riding, comfort is not high on the list of priorities when this one was designed.

    The brakes are excellent! 320mm twin disc with six pot callipers and a well designed master cyclinder. For production brakes they really are very good. To say different may be due to poor tyres, other brands of pads or poor fluid etc. Not mention if suspension is not set correctly then of course braking will also suffer.

    All in all a great bike, that is unique from the usual crowd of sports bike. Its technology is not exactly cutting edge, but it is a bike with personality that sets it aside. Unfortunatly due to rule changes its racing (and therefore development) was cut short so it was never fully at its potential. Fuel tank is small (I used to only get about 140kms between refills) and it is certainly not a tourer. For me I loved the handling (when set up right) and brakes; not to mention the character or the engine (which has to be ridden to fully appreciate) but was too impracicle for me. Short fuel range and uncomoftable. A great bike for twisties, as long as you can put up with the uncomfort of getting there.

    Hope the info helps

  4. Thanks for the posts!

    Basically all I know is my next bike will be twin, and the TLR sounds great and looks the bee knees. I've never actually seen one on the road though. The average asking price for a pre 2000 model in nsw is about 11k at the moment.

    I'd read about the problem with the rear shock, that the bike would weave about under heavy braking sometimes, or something. Is it the type of bike someone could come off, oh i don't know, a gs500, and ease into? :wink:
  5. No probs.....11k sounds a little steep to me for a pre 2000. Mine was a 2000 and I think I paid 11.5k in 2002 for it. Of course depends on condition etc but that much money for a 5+ year old bike that was low to mid teens new sounds a bit steep.

    You mentioned you are after a V twin. Any twin will be diff to ya GS500, throw in doubling the capacity to 1000c and yes of course will be diff. It largly comes down to how you use your right wrist :)

    As far as ergo go best you look at a few and have some sits and if you can test ride.

  6. Sounds quite high a price. Just brought a 2003 VTR ( another Twin! :D in case you haven't checked them out) still on factory warranty for 11½k
  7. Is that the firestorm or the sp2? From the price im guessing firestorm. I've seen a couple of those in magazines and stuff. They look hot with a rear seat cowling 8) , but the 3/4 fairing isn't my cup of tea.
  8. Firestorms are a great bike and a more realistic street bike for a wider variety of use than a TLR. I think you can get under belly fairings for em. If that helps at all. Otherwise an SP1 or SP2 as you would know is not so streetable and prob best you invest in a kidney belt for em. Great bike when the road aint straight...but many roads are.


    BTW these comments are just my opinion. And of course everyone has a different one of em.
  9. Good guess :) And as tones said, bottom and ful replacement fairings are available for them.
  10. My bf just put an under fairing on his bike and it looks dam sexy, reallyt makes it look different and u see people kinda going what is that for a second, but personally full fairing on a vtr makes it look much better!

    As for the TLR nice bike, even as a pillion there nice to sit on, but not my type of riding bike but everyone is different and the clutch is bit of a pig on the one i rode, sound sweet as hell but thats a v twin for ya.
    As for that price thats little high u can pick em up not to badly priced these days, but iof u wanna have little more comfort b ut wanna v twin try out a vtr there comfy nice ride...