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TL1000S - opinions?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by Androo, Jul 7, 2005.

  1. hey guys,
    I like the look of the TLS, and it fits my criteria of:
    - naked (enough)
    - comfy
    - half-decent looking
    - powerful enough

    just wondering what people think of them. I've heard the stock suspension
    isnt too great, but nothing really bad...

  2. Im considering a TLR or TLS for my upgrade, but I've heard theyre pretty rare.

    The suspension problem you mentioned is the rear, suzuki decided to fit something called a "rotary damper" for some reason. I think alot of people who bought them refitted them with more conventional suspension, so that might be something to ask.

    On some models ive heard that hair-line fractures can sometimes develope around the mounting points of the rear suspension.

    Apparently suzuki retro fitted all of them i think with steering dampers since they had major problems with tank slappers early on.

    They are hard to find, but even harder to find with a seat cowl.

    I got all my info online, so i wouldnt be surprised if half of its wrong :D
  3. from what i've been told by a couple of the guys in hangmore that have them, get a vtr or an sv instead.

    what was said to me is they dont handle like a inline 4 or any other v twin, some have even called it a bus like a zzr1200 :LOL:
    the vtr's have more power and are a smoother more refined rided and sv is what the tlr should have been.
    on the plus side i have been told that they are a tank eg they survive some pretty bad stacks.

    thats just what i've been told anyway i'd go and check out ?? i forget the site but skuffy posted a link to a tlr site a few weeks ago and see what they have to say about the tls.
  4. Go the VTR. Better bike in every aspect. TLS were reknown for being a head shakey POS thanks to the rotary damper on the rear. I remember when they first came out. Their head shaking was the likely cause of quite a few deaths in europe (i was only reading euro mags at the time) and TLS's were canned by most testers. The engines tend to put out decent numbers but begin to feel very, very second hand by 50,000ks. Resale is almost zero thanks to their wooly reputation. As for the TLR, great looking bike IMO. However a shite load of money for a heavy, pig handling POS that cant outrun my bike. Ive ridden a couple and they are not good handlers, nor do they go hard in a straight line. They sound awesome tho.

    The SV's are way better. They use a mildly updated TL motor and put it in a much more competant chassis. And they look fantastic :D
  5. Call me biased, but I think the TL's are great.
    I prefer full fairing, so have the TLR.

    I have heard about the suspension stuff, and can honestly say, I haven't experienced any problems with mine. I have always kept in regularly serviced with the same suzuki mechanics.
    I ride mine to work, on weekend rides and some track days and it is fine, in fact I am in love with it! It gives a great ride, powerful and smooth, great gearbox etc.

    On the downside, they are damned expensive to insure, hard on their tyres and are really heavy, but I still don't want to get rid of mine!!
    I love the sweet note with it's staintunes too!
  6. Go and buy yourself the latest copy of PB magazine, they feature an article on this very monster. They do have a reputation of being a bit of a handful (esp. the early full-power versions) but can be sorted for not too much $$$.
  7. Also bare in mind that the SV1000 is in fact the TL1000 engine just updated with extra goodies such as fuel injection, steering dampers and slipper clutch and so on. Good value for money if you ask me.
  8. i was under the impression that the SV is a DE-tuned version of the TL motor? not that it would change my mind about the SV, i'd take a 1000 in a heartbeat if i had the cash, but apparently the TL is a more powerful motor.

    the pig handling is something that everyone says about them, but some ppls like it that way. i mean, why else would you go out and buy something like a GSXR1100 :LOL: makes you RIDE the bike :shock:
  9. i've got a real good idea for you androo.... how abouts you go and RIDE a few bikes :LOL:

    seriously, do some shop hopping and try a few types of bikes on for size. you know what a 600 sports tourer can do, you know the older focused litreclass. try the litre twins, try a focused 600 and 750, hell, try a cruiser on for size, you might like it :LOL:

    but get out there and have a shot on them all if you're really undecided on what you want :wink:
  10. Yep you're right, the TLS engine is all over the place, even found it's way into a few Italian bikes :D

    Started off life in the TLS with about 130 hp at the back wheel, then down for the TLR to around 115 then down again for the STROM (about 105) before getting back to about 110 for the SV.

    Disclaimer: Results can vary depending on the weather and the day of the week the bike was made....
  11. but I feel bad going to shops to test ride bikes with no intention of buying
    them, especially if everyone thinks they're rubbish :LOL:

    I've never even ridden a V-twin yet :?
  12. Heres a question for ya Andy,arent you selling the nine cos you're worried its gonna cost you your license? I can gaurentee you the TL will be just as bad,seriously mate,you're going from a 900 to a 1000 :? I rode around on a mates TL ages ago and can definately say all that crap about them being tankslapper happy is B/S!! The stock damper they ended up getting does jack anyway,just like all stock dampers,so dont fall for that crap.If ya can,test ride one and see what ya think,its a tad different to what the 9 is to ride,you may or may not like the V twin experience,cant deny the sound though,they sound great. :wink: They arent rubbish bikes either,just the rotary damper lets them down somewhat. :wink:
  13. Much good sense being traded here today.
    The original TL got a name for being peaky and nervous. The VTR was more "friendly" but lost a little at the top end. Successive derivations of both bikes have cured their deficiencies and make either a good buy. But they ARE performance bikes and will get you into as much if not more trouble than an inline 4 of similar capacity will, so be careful.
    If you want a Vtwin that's a little more "licence friendly" why not try the 2 valve Ducati range?
  14. haha yeh, you're probably right.. but the TLS are pretty cheap for their age, so I had to
    check them out :) then again, there was this nice bandit 12 for sale :shock:
  15. The TL was a little hard done by on two fronts.

    1. a british jounro stacked one so that scored a rep for being a poor handler from the outset.
    2. the original was pretty ugly, so people were less inclined to forgive their shortcommings.

    Apparently any handling problems (minor though they may be) are solved with a steering dampner (which may have been standard on later models) and replacing the rotary dampner and spring with a more standard coil-over shock.

    If you can find one with these things already done, at a reasonable price, grab it.

    Despite what someone claimed earlier they produced a fair bit more power then either the VTR of the 916

    I read and article recently which described this bike as one of the MUST RIDE BEFORE YOU DIE bike
  16. The Performance Bikes (P8) article mentioned above is probably worth checking out. If only for the photo of a TL falling over itself and launching the rider!
  17. lol,its cool man,by all means check them out,they are a pretty decent bike,but if ya do get anything the same size as what you've got or bigger,you're just jumping out of the pot and into the frying pan matey (unless its a cruiser of course!) in regards to keeping your license. Have you looked at GSXR750s by any chance?You can get them for a good dollar these days,98 models (Fuel injected) go for around the $7-$8k mark and they are a bloody good bike. :wink: 8)
  18. I think Suzuki build a truly sublime V-Twin in the TL range. It definetely has WAY more horsepower than my VTR, as I looked at these bikes when I bought mine. I have heard that most 'handling' shortcomings can be tuned out of them pretty easily. I am pretty sure my crappy riding skills couldn't tell you if it handled badly. :?

    Good luck with your search.
  19. An old friend had a TLS and it seemed to be pretty bullet proof, in fact he has still got it. He dropped it twice ( fairly mildly..)t has been interstate a few times, done track days and goes thru the twisty's on w'ends and is still going strong.
    The TLS is cheaper to insure than the TLR.
  20. yeh I really like them actually, but that's a bit more then I was hoping to spend ;)

    how about this one -high kms.. but $5k :shock: