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TL1000R Stock Exhaust too loud! Seeking stock exhaust

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by carboy, Jun 17, 2009.

  1. G'day. Unusual one here.

    '99 TLR with Yoshi RS3 carbon slip-ons. NICE and LOUD. I love it.

    But last week I got a friendly letter from the EPA saying that a police officer had dobbed me in for a loud or faulty exhaust.

    Now I'm not the original owner and didn't put the yoshi's on myself, but the previous owner was nice enough to hand me the stock pipes when I bought the bike.

    So I headed into the shed, dusted off the stockies and went down to the licenced EPA tester.

    Stock pipes are supposed to make 80dB
    Legal limit is 94dB

    My stock pipes are making....... 96dB !!!

    What now?!

    My usual bike shop think maybe the baffles are removed. I just made a hack job trying to get them open and failed. (bolts welded on).

    So my question.
    Any tricks to quieting the exhaust?

    Or even, any TL owners out there with unmodified stock pipes in the shed that I could borrow?
    (I'm in Broady - Nth West Melb)

    thanks heaps. you guys and gals are always great.
  2. see if anyones got a baffle for teh yoshi?
  3. Firstly, do the stock pipes have a db rating stamped into them? This is supposed to claim the ADR compliance test results.

    Secondly, how did they measure the noise? Apparently they can stuff it up if it's not done correctly.

    If you're sure that the stock pipes haven't been tampered with you should have a case for it to be retested and if necessary to have the gear checked.

    Depends on how hard you want to push it too, I s'pose.
  4. It sounds as though the stock pipes may have been cored, although it would have been silly to weld them back together rather than just bolt.

    Flip the tank up and check the airbox and intake. If the box lid has been opened and/or the snorkel removed it will be letting way more air in. More air in means more noise out.

    Tape up the intake progressively with race tape. You'd be surprised how far you can strangle an airbox to fool* the EPA.

    *I do not endorse or condone the "fooling" of anyone let alone government gestapo agencies. All modifications should be considered "off-road/ competition use" only.

  5. That may get him over the current hurdle but won't prevent a future recurrence of a letter from the EPA.

    Carboy, I don't know who else in Melbourne can help but I'm sure Megacycle Engineering can sort it out. I have no affiliation with them but got a good impression of them when I was there recently.
  6. Uhhh... Yeah... I kinda got the impression he's looking for a short term fix:

    "'99 TLR with Yoshi RS3 carbon slip-ons. NICE and LOUD. I love it."
  7. get some mesh, take off pipe, put inside, to slow down airflow slip pipe back on. it mightrun like crap but wont be as loud.
  8. Chicken wire stuffed down the back end, or take the exhaust off & put it at the start of the muffler, bit more subtle.

    Make sure the test was done right, I believe it has to be a certain dB level at 1M distance, at a particular angle.

    Good luck!
  9. stock pipe + chicken wire...should be quiter
  10. Call Ken at megacycle, he'll be able to knock up a baffle for you to put in the stock pipes pretty easily.