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Discussion in 'Adventure/Enduro' started by Choppers, Feb 28, 2012.

  1. I have just replaced the Metzeler Tourance EXP tyres on my 2011 R1200GS for a TKC80 on the front and a Mtetzeler Tourance on the rear. First impressions, the bike feels slightly higher in the front and the steering feels lighter. But the handlebars feel like they want to wonder ever so slightly. Bike tracks true and took it up to 150kph without any wheel wobble or other issues. The bike also feels to fall into corners easier now.

    Is this normal for the TKC80, it is sort of the opposite to what I was expecting.
  2. All I remember with the TKCs was how much confidence I had both on and off road. I only ever had them on my KLR and commuted 140km a day with most being on the more fun roads (Black Spur was the best way to start the day ;) ). We would then do trips out the back of our place with serious boggy holes, rocky tracks and water crossings being easy.

    I loved them!
  3. rolling? yes, it's normal. They don't have an even profile around the curve so you tend to fall off the centre knob a little more rapidly than you might be used to on a road tyre.

    The good news is that that goes away fairly quickly as they wear a bit.

    Higher - perhaps - were your old tyres completely worn before you replaced them?
    THe lighter steering is a function of rubber on the road in a different style - or if you like, less of a big oval patch on a road tyre that is resistant to twisting and more like sitting on a couple of squares. The wander is the same pattern - long thin things don't squirm like fat square ones do - think of what a weather vane would do if you shortened it up.

    I find the knobby front, road rear a great combo too!
  4. If you think they feel different on the road, try these, good for an adrenalin rush in the twisties. Hahahahaha

  5. I guess the tkc 80s would be even more of crazy ride if I wanted to continue my aggressiveness with twisties.
  6. You can grind pegs on TKC80s but the front will feel a lot different than your use to.

    Once you get to something like my tyre above, all confidence goes out the window, they still have reasonably grip but the knobs squirm around a lot, the sidewall rolls all over the place and you get death wobbles on the freeway. In other words a lot of fun. Hahahahaha
  7. Haha yes, it's quite amusing sitting behind you and Fab, seeeing the bike snake around.