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TiVo broken - what next?

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by Captn Spock, Jan 29, 2012.

  1. First world problem we have.

    Our trusted TiVo has gone bust after 4 years of good service.

    Tossing up between getting Foxtel with iQ HD and sports package or getting a new PVR. Does anyone have bad experiences with Foxtel's iq HD?

    Not being able to record shows and not being able to pause live TV is painful. :( :nopity:

  2. Foxtel IQ2 HD is the best, no dramas with it what so ever, but between tivo and fox, massive price difference (monthly), plus get your mate who has fox to recommend you (introduce a friend) and u both get return flights to New Zealand
  3. Seriously? Do you get it no questions asked or do you go into a "draw" to win tickets ?
  4. I have an idea, F&ck the TV and go for a ride.... :p :p

    Seriously though, as Goz, we've had Foxtel IQ2 and it's been great even when it broke down..
    It started playing up after about a year, one call and they came and replaced it because the unit always remains theirs...

    Good luck with it...

  5. no draws, no questions asked

  6. Well said. What it would cost me to get Foxtel will probably cover payments for a drz400 that ive been eyeing.:angel:
  7. What's a TV? I thought everyone downloaded their shows nowadays...
  8. Foxtel IQ2 HD.
  9. FetchTV is almost as good as IQ2, having had both, only drawback: If you pause live TV with IQ2 you can record a show that's in the buffer (ie send it to disc), you can't do that with FetchTV.

    On the plus side you can use your smartphone as a remote with FetchTV :)

    You can probably do that with IQ2 now as well...

    If you don't want to lash out on a new PVR & only want that function, FetchTV is very cheap ~$15 IIRC.
  10. But isn't everything apart from FTA TV delivered via the net, so a fat pipe to the WWW is required???

    So not really the same.
  11. what about building a home theatre PC?
  12. Get a beyonwiz dp-p1 or p2

    Cheap easy fantastic !!
  13. Not the same, no, the services offered are different, you can rent FetchTV as a STB/PVR.

    You need ADSL 2 for FetchTV 2, for me it's just a STB/PVR, I download their movies very rarely.
  14. Random thought: is the Tivo fixable?

    I have a friend who used to quite like the Tivo's because they were moddable - ie. it was possible to replace the HDD, hack into the command prompt, load custom firmware etc etc. I know it may be above and beyond your care factor, but thought I'd throw it out there as a possible option. If it's just the HDD that's failed, then you might be able to save yourself some $$$ for that dirt bike :)