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tis this taking the pi55

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by tiggers, Sep 1, 2011.

  1. Couldn't get it off the side stand...how close is too close??

    Mines the KLR


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  2. Meh, Not that close :p
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  3. Denison st, north sydney is it??
  4. yep, denison street. Last week the handle bar was inserted in the front air vent, looked like some strange KLR Ducati mating
  5. With the number of bikes that try to park there, unfortunately it might be expected that some idiot won't give a shit about anyone else's bike.
    It already looks full there, pic taken 10 mins ago....

  6. Looks like there is a high number of bikes there. But is there really a need to get that close?
  7. Oh how cute...
    All those motos so close and cuddly...
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  8. group hug!
  9. nothin wrong with that as far as i can see.
  10. More risk to his bike, couldn't help giving it a little nudge trying to push it out and off the stand was no way I could get it up right with out pushing his over.
    A scooter had jammed its self up against the left hand side.
  12. North sydney is just a nightmare for parking for free on a bike.

    I just this morning finally paid my fine i got there... for $176 big ones... for parking on the street.

    and there's that big cluster**** of bikes near the gym too... that's interesting.
  13. Yep - it seems to getting busier
  14. That's nothing. Try parking the bike at UTS. We're all literally handlebar to tank. Sometimes you have to jump over the security rail behind the bikes to get out.
  15. Not touching so no issue. Stop being a pansy you are on a KLR FFS.
  16. LMAO - thanks vertical
  17. isn't stuff like that the reason people buy KLR's?

    (as well as being a cheap bastard! ;) oops, sorry, wrong forum :angel:
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  18. I park at UTS and the dero ****wits on shitheap scooters just scratch my mirrors and not give a ****. Knocks them out of alignment so I can't see shit and need to adjust them :|
  19. I take of offense to that...I ain't a bastard [-(