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tis the season to be jolly (NOT)

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' at netrider.net.au started by cats, Dec 22, 2005.

  1. what do you all think of xmas ... are you like me ( HATE IT WITH A PASSION ) or are you one of the people that revel in this time of year ??

  2. I don't hate the christmas thing, but do think it's way too commercial, and tacky

    It's also the second hardest time of teh year for us, makes me miss the boy all the more.

  3. Feels just another day of the week for me except i get poorer because there is no work and i have to buy pressies.
    I remember xmas used to be special when i was younger but now...nothing, it's kinda sad. Mabye one day i'll enjoy it again.

    + i absoultely despise xmas songs. :x
  4. The commercialisation gives me the SHITS...its become one of the biggest retail cons out there and they shovel it until the 12th hour!

    same as Mothers/Fathers day and Easter

    I'm not doing Xmas this year as all my family are in NZ ;)
  5. The best way to cure the Christmas blues, as I'm sure JJ will agree, it to forget YOUR reasons why you don't like it and try and make it special for someone else. I know that sounds trite and banal, but it's true.

    And for those Netriders who have a family and friends and a place to celebrate, invite a Netrider who doesn't to share your Christmas.

    "Be not forgetful to entertain strangers: for thereby some have entertained angels unawares".
  6. Christmas hasn't always meant as much to me as it does this year.. I've even bought a Christmas carol CD. If you know why you celebrate Christmas and believe..then its not ALL commercial crap :shock: :wink:
    I hate the shopping centres, trying to buy presents etc, but I like the family feeling you get at this time of year, my real family and my work family, netrider family :p
    I worked night shift last Christmas eve and had the best time :) Family is wayyy forgotten these days... I see it all the time working in a hospital how alot of people are too self involved until a family member is sick and its too late :(
  7. lol yes i hate the comercialisim ... i hate the shopping .... etc ... i also think its a very sad time of year for lots of people ... very depressing time ... just call me scrooge mc cats ... we do it well though .. my son loves it .. and smile 4 him .. but inside .. i hate it
  8. IMO Xmas is for Kids, they are the ones who really get excited about it and still believe in the story (well one would hope)...

    I guess there's some little monsters out there who only know how to say "I want"...no wait, thats all kids :LOL:...ah to be a kid on Xmas day again
  9. I can't wait for Christmas to end so I can buy all the unwanted gifts at a significantly reduced price on eBay :)
  10. Yup.... Yup.....
    Never leave a friend or loved one without saying something nice or at least cheerful.

    It might be the last time you see them.

    Cheerful is a present that cost SFA

    So focus on the good side, if the look on your son's face when he gets up doesn't cheer you up... nothing will :wink:
    Then go and help someone who isn't in as good a position, donate to he salvo's, invite someone you know is a bit "lost" and depressed around for lunch (doesn't hacve to be christmas day, anytime over the break)
  11. Yep, seeing the little bugger bleary-eyed and shellshocked at 11.00am always cracks me up... :LOL:

    But you're right JJ - the best way to have a good Christmas is to do things for other people. :)
  12. I think i might enjoy this X-mas alot more than the last 5.

    Since so many friends / family move away, they come back for X-mas :)

    Allthough after seeing them and hanging out with them for 5 mins i will be dissapointed but oh well
  13. {Resists temptation to say more}
  14. I am a chef,

    Christmas for me means working 80 or 90+ hours a week from mid November.

    Serving a couple of hundred roast turkey and ham dinners daily, so on Boxing day when you finaly get to see your family the last fu@king thing you want is bl@@dy turkey.

    Yes I said Boxing day cuz most chefs have to work on Christmas day.

    And thanks to Bl@@dy Jeff, most Victorian chefs do all of this and receive no extra pay for overtime or working public bl@@dy holidays cuz the prik abolished the award!!!!!

    I cant wait untill my little girl is old enough to enjoy Christmas, but untill then this time of year is nothing but a pain in the butt!! :butt:

    sorry for the downer people
  15. No time, in my long experience, was a good time to be a chef......
  16. well that sux ..... but ive been in similuar situations in the past so i can sympathise ....... however being a chef ......... ill take any good turkey recipies u have ..... as ive got one to cook thats the size of a boeing 737
  17. Aaah. The advantages of having your family living about 3000kms away. Roll up & see them for a week or so round xmas time & everyone's happy. Not enough time for the bitchin' to start :LOL: :LOL:
  18. Never, repeat NEVER cook your own turkey. Roll up to your local butcher and buy a pre-cooked Buffe. All white meat, no heating up your kitchen, and no wastage......
  19. its not that hard hornet, particularly if your family or guests appreciate what you have done it can be very gratifying.

    btw cats I have PMed you a recepie.
  20. Yeah, I know, mate, I was a professional chef for 17 years, cooked hundreds of the beasts! I've just got lazy in my old age, and let someone else do the hard work for me. Cheque-book catering!!!