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'tis fun being a father

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by undii, Dec 4, 2009.

  1. For the people who don't have my facebook addy or any other of my contacts, I became a father on the 2nd October :D It's been SOOOO fantastic, absolutely adore our daughter, Cassandra Vienna.


    And one more just because I am most likely the proudest father about :D


    A few pics are at http://i82.photobucket.com/albums/j250/undii/cassy/ and my facebook profile but for now, I need sleep. Thought I'd post in here before I forget (for the 10000th time). Definitely will be sure to poke about in here more often, I am leaving netrider up as one of my opera tags.

    Hope you guys are well!
  2. Cograts mate! She's beautifull!
  3. Awwww, Waz, how will you cope living in a house with 2 stunning girls?

    Congratulations mate, it just gets better from here on in.

    Just wait till they start to talk, it will bring a tear to your eyes.
  4. Congrats. Now you have to work on finding out how great it is to be a GRAND father...honest!!
  5. Congrats, wazza!!!! Children are such fun, and every moment is a treasure!
  6. Wazza, fantastic to see your life is bringing you the rewards you deserve mate. Kids are what makes us.

    Great stuff bro, keep smilin!
  7. Wow, that is great news wazza, sounds like everything is falling into place nicely for you now
  8. Massive congratulations!
    Was both the proudest and most traumatic day of my life the day i became a mother ;)

    Suck up every moment of the gorgeous younger years BC trust me they all turn into nightmares when they hit the teens lol
  9. Maaaaaaaate!


  10. Cheers all!

    I can definitely see how children are what makes us :D It is so fun and exciting that everything we do has thoughts of our bubba with it :) :) :)

    It's been great physio for my (bit) bung shoulder but I'm good enough so I can pick her up, just making me a tad sore due to using it more than usual but that is a GOOD THING.

    And now that the main crazy stuff has died down, I think I will be able to think about using forums again, don't spend much time "on the net" these days except to find out about baby clothes sales and the like ;)

    It's got my parents grinning like no end, for them to think their little naughty boy was ever going to settle down enough to be a daddy has been FANTASTIC, for them and me hehe. Now just to work out her first bike!
  11. Congratulations. Fantastic shots. Enjoy. :D
  12. Congratulations. Glad she is healthy and all three of you are happy. cheers.
  13. Thanks all again :) We weren't too sure how she was at birth, the *beep* doctor(s) at birth and I didn't see eye to eye. We'd been going to some birth classes for a couple months prior from ex hospital staff (doctor, midwifes + nurses had been speakers) not happy with the hospital way of birth. They had given scenarios of what might be done + said that could be considered "wrong", such as to simply hurry the birth process, putting the mother on her back, legs spread (not the best position to be in for birth) and what not.

    The doctor did a suction on Cassandra way early into the birth in our view, without true consent. Just said to Emma, "I'm doing a suction", Emma not sure just thought normal and said ok not realising she consented to suction cups on a babies head that didn't seem to be wanting to come out 'so quick'. Anyway once I saw what was going on, one thing led to another, since Emma was immediately put on her back + legs spread pose, I asked them to see what Emma wanted. She wanted the on knees position and/or on all fours depending on how she felt.

    Anyway, we got into a slinging match as not too long after, they wanted to use forceps to intervene on the (natural) birth, I was not impressed. Plus it was playing out exactly as the ex staff we saw speak. The doctors left the room so we could talk, soon after, a mid wife came in to preach the values of forceps and possibly caesarian (eek)

    Emma was feeling no stress in the birth besides the doctors saying intervention birth, she had NO DRUGS at all (we were proud of that one, she always assumed she'd need at least 'gas', but nup, she was a trooper!). The doctors came in and said that I (as in me) had caused them to wait too long (1/2 - 1 hr or so) so a caesarian was needed. This made my blood boil as I asked for specific reasons and whilst this was happening, Emma on her knees goes 'I think it's moving' and then *boom* without 1-2 minutes, the birth occurred without any help needed and no (excess) pain ;)

    All in all, we were glad we went to the birth classes as Emma would have had forceps + caesarian done where 2 women who came (and 1 went) had this and were CRAP. Not being able to walk more than like 'a slow shuffle' due to pain etc. Emma was fine post birth and things are good now. We were scared on Cassy's head 'situation' but she cleared up after a bit and all things are good :)


    This shows Cassy's "burnt head" from the suction http://s82.photobucket.com/albums/j250/undii/cassy/04-10-2009/?action=view&current=cassy012.jpg

    All in all, a happy family :)
  14. What a little cutie. congrats to you both.
    Ten more weeks to go and l will be able to hold our little one, l cant wait.
  15. Being able to hold your little one just brings on emotions like nothing else. It is such a beautiful feeling, calming yet some times terrifying (when you think of possibles the world has to offer) but all in all, an amazing feeling holding your little one(s). We literally take turns holding her and just letting the hours pass whilst just gazing upon her with love :angel:

    Truly amazing! And I get to see her within the hour, just picking up Emma + Cassandra shortly from her visit to her mothers. Wheeeee. My baby girls will be back!
  16. How did you feel leading up to the birth? I am feeling excited, nervous, worried and scared all at the same time.
    We were first told by the doctors we could not have kids then they were congrats your going to have a child, it was all a big emotional roller coaster for us both. But now l can feel the baby kick it brings a happy tear to the eye.
  17. For my feelings, I was just in a state of wait (waiting for the effin thing to happen!) Emma was fine, she was never once 'over' being pregnant, she took it all in her stride damn well =D>=D>

    Awesome about having a kid(s) after being told it wasn't really possible. That would even be more of a shock/surprise than finding out about being parents in a 'normal' situation. Great to hear :)

    And anything related to the baby, pre + post birth has brought many a happy tear to the eye! :)
  18. Great news Wazza. All the best to you and your happy family.

    I can't believe that suction burn picture. Doctors think that sort of thing is okay? Crazy!
  19. Congrats Wazza !!!!

    +1 to what vic said... ;)