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webBikeWorld Tirox Chain Wax Review

Discussion in 'Motorcycling News' started by NetriderBot, Apr 23, 2015.

  1. Is this finally a replacement for the late, lamented and beloved DuPont Teflon Chain Lube?

    Remember -- that was the "Multi-Use Dry, Wax" stuff that everyone loved.

    It was the perfect motorcycle chain lube.

    Or was it?

    Here we are, 10 years later and time and technology marches on.

    Rumor has it that the original DuPont product (which was suddenly and strangely discontinued in 2012) might not have provided the dedicated type of lubrication needed for motorcycle chains and sprockets.

    Those same rumors claim that the old Teflon formula also may have been leaking behind the O-rings on a motorcycle chain, causing the grease inside to dissolve.

    II can't say that's true one way or another; in fact, I/we used the original DuPont formula until the last can died, with no problems to report.

    Nevertheless, the absence of the DuPont chain lube left a big hole in the market. And some brains got to work on a plan.

    Which brings us to the new Tirox Synthetic Chain Wax.

    Quite frankly, you'd never know the difference between the Tirox chain lube and the original DuPont lube. The former is what appears to be an exact duplicate...but better.

    First of all, it "disappears" just like the original DuPont spray -- a good thing because you don't want greasy oily slimy sticky stuff all over your chain. All that does is attract dirt, which is ground into the chain and sprocket. Exactly the opposite effect that you want.

    Also, the Tirox Synthetic Chain Wax is specifically designed for motorcycle use, where the DuPont product was not. Tirox claims that the new formula is specifically designed to keep dirt from collecting on the chain and to prevent leaking past the O-rings.

    We've been using it for the last couple of months and I have to say, it works. It comes in a huge 420 gram (14.8 oz.) spray can; enough to last a few seasons at the very least.

    They even pack a pair of rubber gloves under the lid. The only issue? It doesn't come with a spray tube, apparently. The sprayer works OK, but don't overdo it -- you want to spray on just enough to coat the chain. If you get the sprayer too close, or if you linger on one spot too long, you'll get too much overspray or residue and that reduces the disappearing act effect.

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  2. Did anyone on NR ever have an issue with the DuPont lube damaging their chain O rings...?
    Still using Motul but thought to try something different like wax...
  3. An alternative that might be easier to find in Australia is Maxima chain wax.

    I've been using this after switching from Motul products and have found it quite good. I've found it better than the Motul Factory Line I was using anyway.

    It is applied to a cold chain (as opposed to chain lube normally been applied to a warm chain), bugger all fling off, a little goes a long way too. Similar to the Motul lube, a little bit accumulates around the front sprocket cover area, but I've found most lubes do this anyway (I have only had to clean behind the sprocket cover twice in 10,000k's though with the Maxima chain wax). It is a white colour, so easy to see where you have applied it.

    But, chain lube, oils, everyone has an opinion...:)
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  4. Thanks bobthekelpybobthekelpy! I'd like to give the wax a burl because I get flayed for getting motul on the driveway plus I do get a bit too enthusiastic with it as well. Would be nice to see where I am lubing! :)
  5. Some of that glow in the dark stuff should work
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  6. I would really be neck deep in turdus delecti if I did that...where can I get some right now...I can write welcome home honey up the driveway! :whistle:
  7. Not a worry at all.

    And, how do I tag people in a post??? Mods?
  8. Just use the @ symbol and type the first few letters of the name...on PC and some devices a pull down list of names containing those letters appears, just click on the name of who you want to tag and type away.

    On idiotpad , idiotphone I have to type the whole name in after the @. No spaces following the @ symbol and must be typed exactly as is with underscores, spaces etc bobthekelpybobthekelpy
  9. Thanks OldmaidOldmaid I did use the search function first, but couldn't find anything.
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