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Tirer Pressure and fuel

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by jkstar, Sep 16, 2008.

  1. As i was planning a longer ride then usual, it occurred to me that i really have neglected the finer details of my bike. I'd taken care of the luggage bag, had been given a tank bag and mapped out the route, but how much can i get out of a tank, what km can i get out of the res. These things i will soon find out (fueled up and reset km's) ha ha i know but i had never done it before (just hit over 1000km's of riding mind you) What about tirer pressure? I'm riding a VTR250 and could likely find this info if i googled it but you lot seem to know what your on about so thought i put it out there. Air Pressure for a VTR250 anyone. Does it vary when you are carring a load. Might be doing track day later this year, does it vary then as well ???????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????

  2. SEARCH button is your friend
  3. As a beginner, you're probably best off just inflating the tyres to the pressures marked on your swingarm sticker, whatever they are. If you want to be extra clever on your tour maybe bump those pressures up a few PSI, you'll sacrifice a bit of grip but perhaps improve your fuel economy a bee's d1ck. It won't make much difference to be honest, it's more important that your tyres aren't squared off or scalloped.
  4. You'll get around 250 to reserve, but it depends how you ride it. And reserve is only 2 litres, so you won't get too far on that.
  5. Thnaks - got it

    Thanks - haven't been on bike or netrider since last post. Located swing arm sticker!!!, dont think i will bother to increase spi just yet. was given very good tire pressure thingy though.
  6. you need as much SPI as you can fit in by the sounds of it.

    but PSI should be whatever your sticker says
  7. Good on you jkstar,having only done such a small amount of kms you've got the right idea about trip planning, and obviously have a sense of adventure....more than some folk I've met in the past; get talking at fuel stops to other newbies and some have no idea what spi/psi they're using let alone own a gauge....
    Like Loz was saying, psi will have a bearing, if only slightly on economy but kept up will get you the most out of the tires and add to the fun of handling correctly, coupled - ofcourse, with the suspension set up, if you have that??
    do you have an owners manual? check the oil? check tightness of vital nuts and bolts? brakes ok?? you may as well go the whole way and learn to appreciate your ride, it will give you more confidence knowing your wheel won't fall off midway through some hictown and you'll be stuck... just think of texas chainsaw masacre :LOL: :LOL:

    Good luck and enjoy the ride :grin: